4-yr-old Jarissa FINALLY HEALED of her AIH!!! Her doctor can't believe it! - Curing Courtney

October 2, 2016by Denise Otten0

4-year-old Jarissa is GORGEOUS and AIH FREE! (Get out the tissues) This started when she was 15-months old! Her parents, Claudia and Mauro were devastated at the diagnosis…but thrilled as she started healing on the CURING COURTNEY protocol. With the help of @Monica Colon , who translated and supported the parents, we were able to communicate effectively. I’m in LOVE with the babies who heal…and it makes my heart sing to know I can be of service! Here’s Claudia’s story of Jarissa’s Journey..:
In March 2012 we were blessed with our beautiful Jarissa! She was born PERFECT…always an adorable and cheerful baby. Then at 1 year old, she started changing dramatically. She was often sad & her skin and eyes turned yellow. The doctor took lots of blood tests and rushed her to the hospital where we spent TWO weeks fearing the worst. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Finally they diagnosed her with AUTOIMMUNE HEPATITIS! Our lives changed forever and we assumed this was a fatal disease. We didn’t know much about AIH, or how she contracted this, so we followed the doctors’ orders obediently. The specialist treated her with very aggressive drug therapy.
They put her on high doses of prednisone (20mg.and more later on), Ranitidine 2.5ml, Ursodiol 3ml, Mephyton 5mg. My beautiful cherub started changing again. Her face became puffy from the drug and the hair on her body started growing long and dark. My baby was sick and the doctor’s medicine was so strong that my husband and I couldn’t bear the thought of our 15 month old baby on these drugs for the rest of her life….or worse…a liver transplant. We were both so sad and depressed that we both believed there had to be other options.
My husband, Mauro started researching and found someone who had helped her daughter with the same disease and healed her with natural means. He found Denise Otten and her book, CURING COURTNEY in 2013. Mauro emailed her right away and she answered back quickly. Even though we speak different languages, my husband and Denise were able to communicate and discuss which vitamins Jarissa needed and how to change her diet immediately.
Thank God we found a person who we regard as our angel, who helped guide us on the natural treatment.
After 2 months on this new vitamin/diet protocol, the specialist was surprised but said it was fine to stick to this diet and vitamin regimen. They could not believe it because she was about to have a liver transplant. The doctor started to lower the prednisone and other meds. Because of fear or caution, we kept my baby on the drugs for 3 years.
She started to feel better and better each year.
Now after three long years, she’s only on 1.25mg of prednisone, plus all the vitamins and the organic diet. But my husband and I are sure her future will be healthy and joyous. Jarissa is really happy now and is the same cheerful girl that we remember back in 2013 when she was 1 year old. We feel blessed that we have our daughter back! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! And I can’t leave out a big thank you to Denise Otten for your help!
You’re very welcomed Claudia and Mauro Carreno! Your daughter’s remarkable recovery makes me cry every time I see her gorgeous healthy face and smile! You guys rock! Keep up the great parenting!!! xoxo