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A Dedicated Mother’s Struggle in Finding a Treatment for Autoimmune Hepatitis

Many people have suffered in the past because of the lack of modern medicine to provide an effective treatment for autoimmune hepatitis. However, there are very few cases when they have actually been able to escape the difficult issues created by the disorder through finding a true remedy for it.

Treatment for Autoimmune HepatitisDenise Otten, author of “Curing Courtney”, is one of those few who have had the initiative and dedication to think outside the box and seek out working alternative treatments to help her daughter Courtney overcome the disease entirely.

Who Is Denise Gabay Otten?

Denise is a wife and a mother of three, as well as the Founder and President of Elite Wealth Strategies. Her life has changed forever a few years ago when her daughter Courtney was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis.

Her book, “Curing Courtney” has become a great success, as Denise described her unique and difficult – but remarkably fruitful – efforts in finding an efficient treatment for autoimmune hepatitis and helping her daughter’s recovery.

While her previous work as a CNBC writer and a financial advisor at an important brokerage on Wall Street used to be her main drive for a successful career, Denise now has a new calling, aside from her successful career endeavors. Out of gratitude for the recovery of her daughter, Courtney – now a healthy young athlete – she has launched a children’s foundation meant for assisting children’s group homes and hospitals through donations and support.

Denise owes her success and happiness to the revolutionary alternative remedies and treatments that have helped cure her daughter from a terrible disease which has basically taken away her childhood.

Her Passion and Mission

In her quest for finding out what causes autoimmune hepatitis and how to cure it in order to succeed where conventional medicine had failed, Denise Otten has discovered a newfound drive and passion for the science behind alternative medicine.

While seeking out the ultimate treatment for autoimmune hepatitis, she has documented and researched countless remedies and natural supplements, some of which have been scientifically proven to have a remarkable positive effect on hepatitis patients.

Denise Otten wrote “Curing Courtney” and presented the answers she has found in a clear and powerful manner through her book, hoping that the story of her daughter’s amazing recovery, as well as the detailed account of her progress in finding a treatment for autoimmune hepatitis, might help those who are still in difficulty and may have lost hope because of the obvious limitations associated with conventional medicine practices.

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