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Meet my GORGEOUS British friend, Joanne! Healthy, NO MORE MEDS…and her AIH is in COMPLETE REMISSION via the CURING COURTNEY protocol.
And her doctors in England can’t believe it! AUTOIMMUNE HEPATITIS IS WORLDWIDE! But my beautiful Brit friend & mom of an adorable boy was determined to live a HEALTHY AND LONG life for her son and her family! I’m so proud of her because she only met me via SKYPE and didn’t have ANY support in her native country…like so many others. Now she’s healthy, OFF THOSE DREADED MEDS and Happy, happy, happy! Please read her testimony…:

Well where do I start …. in January 2014 I had a beautiful baby boy and life was good. I had general stresses of life as a new first mummy but nothing major. October 2014 I went back to work 4 full days a week and was absolutely exhausted running a household a new teething baby and my very intense job was taking it’s toll and I had no time for me or my body. After Christmas 2014 I was getting more used to my new role as working mum but I still just didn’t feel right but too busy to go to the doctors so I just soldiered on
Then in March 2015 I was so so itchy I really couldn’t cope so I googled it. One of the questions was, are your eyes or skin yellow? I looked in the mirror and to my horror, they were!
My skin was actually really yellow how had I not noticed!

I got to the doctors office that week and he called the same day at 3pm and told me to get to the Emergency room immediately as my liver results were off the scale – 700 & 800 normally 40-60. That 40 minute drive to the hospital was quite possibly the worst 40 minutes of my life! not knowing what was wrong with me. From the urgency in the doctors voice I could only think the worst. I arrived and after 6 hr wait, they took more bloods asked all the usual questions regarding drinking alcohol etc they just couldn’t understand why my results were so high, they thought it was possibly a gallstone but further investigation was needed and I needed to stay in. Once again a scary thought as I’d not been to the doctors for over ten years other than having my baby.

After an horrendous & nerve racking two weeks in hospital and numerous tests, MRI’s & biopsies I was diagnosed with Auto Immune Hepatitis. AIH was something I’d never heard of and certainly didn’t want so whilst still in hospital I set about investigating it and finding a natural way to try and cure it. Whilst doing this I did exactly what the doctors told me to. I took steroids and an immune suppressant. But the thought of taking a pill to suppress the only thing that keeps you alive seemed ludicrous to me so I continued on my search. The Prednisone and Imuran horrendous. I felt awful.

I went straight back to work refusing to let this beat me but every lunch time and every evening when my baby was asleep I’d research and research I found lots about juices and so on which i started to include whilst still taking my meds after 12 weeks the combined steroid/suppressant worked and doctors weaned me off prednisone but continued taking AZA. After 4 weeks on only Imuran, my liver enzymes went back up and they put me back on prednisone! I was devastated. Then I found Denise’s book. That day life literally changed over night for the better.

I read the book within a few days and after learning she was based in New Jersey America I didn’t think there was much that could be done however I sent her an email.

I woke up the next day to a response that was September 2015. A response full of positivism and that she could help regardless of living on opposite sides of the world that it would be a long but fulling journey and she wasn’t wrong!

I started the diet & supplements immediately the diet was really hard at first as it was so so different from what I’d normally eat but within a full week of strictly sticking to it and taking my supplements there was an improvement! I couldn’t have been happier, it was the motivation I needed to continue. Not only did my results change, I changed I truly felt amazing I was eating nourishing foods my body needed rather empty food of no benefit by December 2015 I reduced my meds to the lowest dose of hospital medication and was still receiving the best blood results. Not only that, but I’d lost weight, looked and felt great! I had so much energy.

Mid January 2016 i stopped taking my hospital meds completely and continued with good result however march 2016 they started to climb again nothing like what they were but still just over normal spoke with Denise she got me back on track and increase my vitamins and supplements by the end of August 2016 I’d had a good few weeks of perfect results so I started to reduce my supplements back down to normal levels since then each week has just been an improvement with today’s results Jan 2017 being the best I’ve ever had 12 months since stopping my meds.

I’m absolutely over the moon and couldn’t recommend Denise and her method more. Not only am I now fit and healthy, but I know exactly what to feed my little boy & partner to nourish him and help him grow and live a long and happy life. The learning journey I have been on has been truly amazing and I’m so happy to be in control of my body. It’s taken a long time but I knew I’d always get there.

I’ve learned to chill out and not take things so seriously, make time for me, nourish myself and my family & live love and enjoy every moment I’ve been given. It could’ve been so different 12 months ago and I owe this all to Denise xxxx

All my SKYPE patients are determined and try their best to stick to the program. You only need guidance and a will to live! Joanne’s love for her family obviously gave her the motivation to heal. Congrats Joanne, you rock “little sister!”
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17-yr-old JUSTIN is OFF the **Liver Transplant List!** How? The CURING COURTNEY protocol & diet, plus his Tenacious mom, April, never gave up.
This story will blow you away! Justin was 14 and put on the liver transplant list by an M.D. who never heard of Alpha Lipoic or Dr. Berkson. AND…Because his mom WOULD NOT give Justin a LIVER TRANSPLANT, the doctor FIRED April. She continued the protocol and NOW Justin is 17-yrs-old; 6’6″ tall; on the Varsity Baseball team; has a part time job and doing great in school! THIS ALTERNATIVE REMEDY WORKS! April’s NEW DOC can’t believe it. But April knows better…her 3 years of hard work paid off! Here’s the long journey of “Justin’s Triumph!”…
At 14 years old our youngest son, Justin, was admitted to the hospital at 12:30 pm March 3, 2014 with a possible appendix. Later that day after a CT scan, we were told that he had Cirrhosis of the liver and was in COMPLETE LIVER FAILURE and in need of a transplant!
I can’t tell you the feelings that went through me, all I remember is that my husband had to hold me up because I almost passed out from the news. The hospital immediately transported me to a large Children’s hospital in Texas.
Justin was an extremely healthy child, with the exception of an occasional flu or strep. Yet after the biopsy on March 5th it was confirmed that he had severe cirhossis, AIH, Portal vein hypertension & Celiac disease.
The most devastating news to Justin was that he could no longer be a “normal” teenager. The doctor told him he couldn’t play football or basketball because they are contact sports. And no more riding roller-coasters! He was given six different medications morning, afternoon and night! Life changed instantly and the constant knowledge that he can go into complete liver failure at any time was extremely un-nerving! As his mom, I sat by his side 24/7, trying to be the strength and cheerleader that everything was going to be just fine. All the while I would cry while he slept and I started to memorize every single detail of him (worried that I would have to bury my son, ripped my heart and soul into pieces)
Weeks later, I found the book Curing Courtney while I was up one night sitting by Justin’s hospital bed, and I started wondering and researching the possibilities of holistic protocols for AIH and Celiac’s. Within a week I purchased Denise Otten’s book, Curing Courtney. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I studied and studied non-stop, it became my second bible! I contacted Denise and told her how much I loved and appreciated that she had written this book and the process in which she saved her own daughter, it was empowering and gave me hope finally that I would not watch Justin die., I might be able to do something to save him too.
I called Denise for help and started Justin on the protocol ASAP! From March-August 2014, I kept Justin on the vitamins and the meds because I was scared to stop them because I didn’t want his doctors to get angry and possibly drop him as their patient. So I followed their rules, but added the vitamins and diet.
After 6 months of going back and forth to the hospital and taking all the meds that were getting Justin sicker and sicker by the day, we were both tired and he wasn’t getting any better. Then in September 2014, Justin was admitted to the hospital again but this time with pancreatitis, which I truly believe was due to all the pharmaceuticals he was ingesting.
But that doctor put even more pressure on me and said “if I didn’t have Justin ONLY take the meds and have the liver transplant …and stop taking the vitamins, they would no longer be Justin’s doctor.” I told him that this was a big decision and I had to think about this. Without warning, within a week, they FIRED US and STOPPED FILLING JUSTIN’S PRESCRIPTIONS!
I was livid that a doctor would talk to us that way. i said to myself at that moment, GOD made my choice for me! I stood up as Justin’s mom and full faith in Lord Almighty that “He” had shown me the way to cure Justin. (Whether you believe in God or not, this was my sign from the man above.) I had to make the biggest leap of faith for Justin’s life, and I told those doctors I am his mother and this is what we will be doing from now on, no more pharmaceuticals ONLY this holistic protocol. I found new doctors THAT WEEK who were kind and loving but indifferent about my decision! Yet they were respectful of my choices. While they could not help me with the proper doses of the vitamins, that’s what I had Denise for … balancing the correct vitamins and foods for my son. So as of September 2015, Justin was off all pharmaceuticals and ONLY on the holistic protocol. He was off all wheat and gluten.
Then we found out that in January 2015 Justin will be admitted to the hospital again for another liver biopsy, this scared him to death. I must admit it scared me as well! They also did another upper and lower GI. They found that the Celiac’s is in check, thanks to the gluten free diet and that the liver hasn’t had any more damage, THANKS TO HOLISTIC PROTOCOL I SAID! The doctor’s stated whatever you are doing keep doing, because it is working and what we were doing was not.
Justin became ill with an infection and started to run 104 fever so off to the hospital we went again, nearly one year to the day when this all began. Justin wsa in extreme pain in the liver area and all I wanted to do was take away his pain.
After more nights in the hospital, the doctors told me that he should go back on the meds. I said NO! They made him very sick. But I agreed to an IV of antibiotics as it turned out to be extreme strep. The strep caused the AST/ALT to rise and hence the pain in the liver area. I didn’t want the antibiotics but he needed it badly. Later on I knew we had to give him more vitamins, but not until we were out of the hospital.
Happy New Year January 2016!! Justin is doing amazing on his holistic protocol, the doctors’ state that his numbers are looking better than ever!!! This makes us so thankful as the doctors agreed to keep him on the protocol as the medications they were giving were making him so much worse.
Justin is a Senior now and will graduate making A & B’s and is in all honors classes. Even with his hospital visits these past 2 years, he stayed on the school’s baseball team and now he’s on the VARSITY team. He’s their first baseman and in right field, at six feet six inches, Justin has a reach like no other…and he has an arm like a cannon! He also is now working part-time and having the most amazing social life being a “normal” teenager!
November 2016 and Justin’s numbers are so great now that Transplant is not even being discussed anymore! The Head of the Transplant team stated “there is no need to even bother with a three-day evaluation for a transplant.” Justin is doing so well that he wouldn’t even qualify to be put on list. His doctors don’t understand exactly how the holistic protocol is working but it is.
All along this journey one of Justin’s doctors kept asking me; where and how did I find this protocol and I told them proudly Denise Gabay Otten’s book Curing Courtney. Our doctor purchase the book! This might just be a HUGE step in the actual medical field learning that holistic protocols work! Justin and the protocol has been discussed with Gastroenterologists from all over the United States per conference calls with Justin’s doctor.
We deeply believe in the POWER of prayer and wish everyone who reads this says a pray for all the children living with AIH to heal with this holistic protocol!! We also know the power of prayer warriors so we ask for every disciple of Christ to say prayers and ask other believers to join in the pray warrior chain!! We would like to say Thank you Denise for writing her daughter’s story and for helping other families through such a heart wrenching time.
And thanks to our family and friends and people we do not know, who have sent prayers, love and support. It is so encouraging.
Justin’s work is not done here and he has a long life to live. Look at him now doing everything the doctor’s in 2014 said would never happen!
April is truly a Warrior mom and another sweet Southern Belle that I’m honored to call my friend! Congrats to the whole Boyd-Gray family!
but those all come to a head as he grew into manhood and balanced his body. This is a journey that no one ask for but it is the one we have been given, and I say even through the crying and freaking out moments alone in my room, I had a peace from our Father in Heaven that Justin’s work was not done here and that he had a long life to live and put in mark on this world. And look at him now doing everything the doctor’s in 2014 said would never happen!


15-yr-old “Ellie” is AIH FREE! No more IMURAN! This Northeast teen athlete didn’t want her identity known…but the girl in this picture could be her. She’s like many teenage girls, smart, athletic and beautiful. But she had AIH, and the best doctors in her area told her Mom “she’d have to be on meds forever!”.
But mom, “Mary” (a pseudonym) couldn’t accept that her daughters life would be filled with drugs …or worse. After 1 year of counselling this family,…”Ellie” is healthy and off MEDS! “Mary” was tough to convince, but her tenacity and mother’s intuition kept her on track. Here’s Ellie’s story told by her mom, Mary. Get your tissues out…and know that everyone benefits from the right diet and proper vitamins!
A year ago our lives changed forever. Out of nowhere, my seemingly healthy, full of life, athletic, smart 15 year old daughter, Ellie, was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. Besides feeling full, even if she didn’t eat that much, and feeling like she had “heavy legs” when she played sports, there were no real symptoms to this disease to warn that it was coming. Her pediatrician ran some blood work and Ellie’s liver levels came back in the 300s.
After a few weeks of the numbers not coming down, an ultrasound was ordered. When you get a call from the radiologist on a Sunday night, you know something is terribly wrong. Her liver and spleen were inflamed, and there was fluid in her abdomen. The next day we went to see a liver specialist. In less than 5 minutes of reviewing her labs and ultrasound, he turned to me and told my daughter had Autoimmune Hepatitis, and would need a liver biopsy immediately to see how bad the damage was to her liver. We looked at him blankly and said, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? AND HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MY CHILD? This child was so well taken care of. We never missed a doctor’s appointment or were late for any vaccines. He then explained what AIH was. He believed that there was no real explanation as to how or why this happened to her, and how rare it was. The parental shell shock continued but somehow my daughter remained stronger than both of her parents.
Ellie went in for a liver biopsy and it came back stage 3/4. The doctor explained this was considerable liver damage and that we were lucky we found it when we did or a liver transplant would likely be in her future. Again, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? AND HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MY CHILD? The shell shock continued. He put her on high doses of Prednisone (40 mg) and eventually Azathioprine (100 mg). I knew these drugs were saving her life but long term it was going to be a problem. The Prednisone was horrible- causing fast weight gain, fullness to the face, mood swings, anger, tears for no reason, brain fog. The Azathioprine- she was to be on this drug for 3 years and possible for life. He cautioned me about the potential side effects. All I could think is- we are going to cure liver disease and could possibly end up with cancer because of this drug! No way, not my kid.
The search began. How are others dealing with disease? I immediately found Curing Courtney and ordered the book. I couldn’t read it fast enough, sobbing the whole way through. YES there was another way to handle this disease. If this worked for Courtney then maybe it will work for Ellie. WHY WOULDNT EVERYONE TRY THIS?
I contacted Denise and everything changed that day. I listened to everything she said- eat organic, grass-fed meat, no gluten, no dairy, keep stress low, be happy, take the vitamins. I read everything she told me too- Wheat Belly, everything I could find about Dr. Berkson and Alpha Lipoic Acid, gut health, GMOs, etc. I loved that she said keep reading and educating yourself. This was the exact opposite of what the liver specialist told us. He said, do yourself a favor and do not go on the internet and read those personal stories. It will drive you crazy with worry. Just take the medication. Also, when I asked him about diet/ vitamins, he said no special diet just try and eat healthy, and vitamins have never been proven to work.
And so with Denise’s help, we began with the diet and vitamins (while we took all the Pred and Aza). While we thought we were eating healthy in the past, clearly we weren’t. Organic, no gluten, no dairy. It wasn’t easy, especially for a teenager. For the most part, Ellie was on board and sort of understood the science behind what she was doing. Of course, she is a teen and on some days was angry because she couldn’t eat the garbage most kids eat at that age. Over the next few months, I pushed the doctor hard to get her off the dreaded pred as fast as possible, and he complied for the most part. No more Pred after about 6 months. Every month her number were getting better or at least maintaining. We were always wondering is the diet/ vitamins working? How is this going to go when we get off the drugs?
After 7 months on Aza, Ellie’s hair was falling out. Her white blood count and platelets had dropped low. It was alarming. How will this child fight basic illness never mind diseases? I call the doctor. He was not particularly concerned- just a side effect of the Aza. Well, I was concerned! By some miracle, he allowed me to reduce the Aza to 75 mg. We continued on with the diet and vitamins and did routine blood work. Somehow, the liver levels maintained or went lower even with less Aza! What is going on here?
We then began reducing the Aza little by little. Over the next few months, Ellie’s levels fluctuated a little depending upon her stress at school and whether she was sick with a cold (which took forever to get rid of, thank you Aza). Eventually, it was time to make THAT decision- no more Aza. Probably one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make as parents- there was no way to truly know if this is working unless you do it. Denise was confident and reassuring. “Her body is strong and can handle it, we will watch the blood work, we will adjust the vitamins accordingly.” Her words went through my head daily. It has now been two months with NO medication and her numbers are normal and better than ever. Time will tell how the rest goes but we are confident we made the right decision for Ellie. She is a tough kid and is taking this disease on naturally one day at time without those meds, which initially saved her life, but cause horrible side effects.
Denise, we cannot thank you enough for your never ending support. This last year has been difficult for all of us but your support over this period was invaluable. There were times over the last few months when we doubted ourselves and this decision, but your encouragement helped us stay the course and we are forever grateful for that. There is no way we could have done this without you. You are our angel.
I’m so proud of these parents, … they did their homework and made intelligent and holistic decisions which saved their daughter’s life! BRAVO Mary & Ellie…and Dad.

– 15-yr-old “Ellie” is AIH FREE…it took over a year but her doctors can’t understand HOW IT HAPPENED!


AND NOW FOR GREAT HEALING NEWS! What if you were a Mom of 2 young boys and a husband, & had it all. But then, your doctor said you have AIH – 800/500 (ALT/AST) and stage 2 fibrosis! You’re shocked & you fear the worst…”liver transplant”. But, your loving husband finds an ‘ALTERNATIVE’ treatment. THIS IS Kim Harris Walters STORY! Yes, she’s in COMPLETE REMISSION & NO MEDS within 9 months. Welcome Kim Harris Walters to our Healthy & Happy Holistic AIH community (& other AI issues). I’m soooo proud of this Texan’s gusto and tenacity to go against the Traditional Medical system. Yes, most people CAN turn this around…it takes time & commitment.
Please read her words….her journey.
In the fall of 2014 I felt extremely tired and thought I had a thyroid issue. By the time I went to the doctor, the test showed that my liver enzymes were 800/500 (alt/ast)! Two weeks later I went to a GP and the numbers dropped. So I forgot about it until the next year when I was feeling so exhausted that I thought it was mono. When I went to the liver specialist, he suggested that I had AIH and wanted to get a biopsy done to confirm the liver damage and to be sure it was AIH.
Of course when I got home I googled AIH and started feeling overwhelmed and honestly started freaking out from everything I was reading! All I kept thinking is that I have two boys under 9 years old and I’m not ready to leave them, my husband or family. I went into the living room and started telling my husband all of the horrible stuff I was reading on the internet about AIH and how it can lead to a liver transplant, liver cancer or even death. Of course my research didn’t stop there because then I started reading on Imuran and Predisone and just started crying at the only options to save my life. My researcher husband took it upon himself to dig deeper then my technology challenged self could. How many people can say their spouse saved their life? I can because my husband found the book Curing Courtney written by my little blessing Denise Otten and literally saved my life!
Before my lab results were back I had contacted Denise via email in which she responded that day. I let her know what was going on and hired her as my holistic health coach. We set up some time to talk on the phone to review the protocol and what I would need to do to heal my body naturally. A couple of weeks later I had my follow up appointment and was diagnosed with stage 2 fibrosis due to….AIH. This diagnosis felt like a horrible nightmare but now I was armed with a natural way to repair my body and I was going to give this all that I had. At my appointment I was urged to get on Prednisone and Imuran immediately to stop the inflammation, etc. but I just couldn’t do it because I felt it would do my body even more harm. In March 2016 I started with the supplement protocol in Denise’s book along with cutting out ALL wheat and dairy. My biggest issues were and still are trying to get the right amount and quality of sleep and to be stress free (I am getting much better). On the plus side from all of this and this new way of life I have lost 60 pounds!!
Of course when I got home I googled AIH and started feeling overwhelmed and honestly started freaking out from everything I was reading! All I kept thinking is that I have two boys under 9 years old and I’m not ready to leave them, my husband or family. I went into the living room and started telling my husband all of the horrible stuff I was reading on the internet about AIH and how it can lead to a liver transplant, liver cancer or even death. Of course my research didn’t stop there because then I started reading on Imuran and Prednisone and just started crying at the only options to save my life. My researcher husband took it upon himself to dig deeper then my technology challenged self could. How many people can say their spouse saved their life? I can because my husband found the book Curing Courtney written by my little blessing Denise Otten and literally saved my life!
Congratulations to my Texas belle, and her husband. I’m proud of your commitment and want ALL adults with AIH to know that there are successful ALTERNATIVES. You need a professional, a plan, and a belief that the SCIENCE OF NUTRITION does work. Just ask my sweet friend Kim.

– 40-YR-OLD Mom of 2 REVERSES her AIH Holistically after the doctors told her it was impossible without Meds! From 800/500 to PERFECT!


4-year-old Jarissa is GORGEOUS and AIH FREE! (Get out the tissues) This started when she was 15-months old! Her parents, Claudia and Mauro were devastated at the diagnosis…but thrilled as she started healing on the CURING COURTNEY protocol. With the help of @Monica Colon , who translated and supported the parents, we were able to communicate effectively. I’m in LOVE with the babies who heal…and it makes my heart sing to know I can be of service! Here’s Claudia’s story of Jarissa’s Journey..:
In March 2012 we were blessed with our beautiful Jarissa! She was born PERFECT…always an adorable and cheerful baby. Then at 1 year old, she started changing dramatically. She was often sad & her skin and eyes turned yellow. The doctor took lots of blood tests and rushed her to the hospital where we spent TWO weeks fearing the worst. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Finally they diagnosed her with AUTOIMMUNE HEPATITIS! Our lives changed forever and we assumed this was a fatal disease. We didn’t know much about AIH, or how she contracted this, so we followed the doctors’ orders obediently. The specialist treated her with very aggressive drug therapy.
They put her on high doses of prednisone (20mg.and more later on), Ranitidine 2.5ml, Ursodiol 3ml, Mephyton 5mg. My beautiful cherub started changing again. Her face became puffy from the drug and the hair on her body started growing long and dark. My baby was sick and the doctor’s medicine was so strong that my husband and I couldn’t bear the thought of our 15 month old baby on these drugs for the rest of her life….or worse…a liver transplant. We were both so sad and depressed that we both believed there had to be other options.
My husband, Mauro started researching and found someone who had helped her daughter with the same disease and healed her with natural means. He found Denise Otten and her book, CURING COURTNEY in 2013. Mauro emailed her right away and she answered back quickly. Even though we speak different languages, my husband and Denise were able to communicate and discuss which vitamins Jarissa needed and how to change her diet immediately.
Thank God we found a person who we regard as our angel, who helped guide us on the natural treatment.
After 2 months on this new vitamin/diet protocol, the specialist was surprised but said it was fine to stick to this diet and vitamin regimen. They could not believe it because she was about to have a liver transplant. The doctor started to lower the prednisone and other meds. Because of fear or caution, we kept my baby on the drugs for 3 years.
She started to feel better and better each year.
Now after three long years, she’s only on 1.25mg of prednisone, plus all the vitamins and the organic diet. But my husband and I are sure her future will be healthy and joyous. Jarissa is really happy now and is the same cheerful girl that we remember back in 2013 when she was 1 year old. We feel blessed that we have our daughter back! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! And I can’t leave out a big thank you to Denise Otten for your help!
You’re very welcomed Claudia and Mauro Carreno! Your daughter’s remarkable recovery makes me cry every time I see her gorgeous healthy face and smile! You guys rock! Keep up the great parenting!!! xoxo


AIH affects men too! Meet my Handsome friend Ian! He reversed his AIH with the CURING COURTNEY method and is OFF ALL MEDS….for the first time in 3 years!!! His determination to live a healthy life so that he can be a great dad and husband to his wife and 2 boys motivated him to heal! Here’s his story:…

My autoimmune troubles began at 18-yrs old. I was diagnosed with colitis and the doctors said there was nothing they could do and I had to live with it. So I did for 12 years. I also have Asperger’s but didn’t know that much of the ‘leaky gut/colitis’ issues caused some of my Asperger’s issues to get worse. During that time, I learned about alternative healing and went gluten free on and off for years and I avoided certain foods but it never really went away. Then at 30, I developed pneumonia & just couldn’t kick it. I was on antibiotics for a while but it got much worse and I was hospitalized.

This is when the battery of tests began at one of the largest hospitals in our metro area. For 5 days they weren’t sure what was wrong. I had swollen lymph nodes, so they told me I had cancer. Then they said no, you have lupus. Then they said no, you have autoimmune hepatitis. Plus I had a viral infection that brought on the pneumonia. My liver enzymes weren’t that high (200-300 range), but my pericardium was filled with fluid so they had to drain it and get my heart back to normal size.

I was immediately put on 40 mg of Prednisone and 200 mg of Azathioprine, and my numbers still would not go down. Eventually they weaned me off of Pred and had me on AZA for 3 years. I took prednisone once in a while if I had a flare up. I had STAGE 4 FIBROSIS.

The positive trait about my Asperger’s is it gives me great focus and my research abilities are heightened. So I kept researching ‘alternative remedies’. I found & read Dr. Burt Berkson’s book, “The Alpha Lipoic Breakthrough. “Then I read “Curing Courtney” by Denise Otten, and “The Autoimmune Paleo Approach” by Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. I continued to absorb information from all over the net from different people who had reversed their autoimmune hepatitis. One morning I had a question, specifically for Denise Otten, and found her on Facebook. She replied within a day and told me what I needed to know. I e-mailed her with questions for about a month, and eventually decided to do it. I needed a lifestyle change, that was clear from my reading, but how? I hired Denise as a consultant and the changes began.

First, going all organic was hard to understand. But after doing some reading, the science became clear. Those pesticides mess with your body, and that is not what I needed while healing.
Second, No wheat, No Dairy. Inflammation and mucus. May only be temporary, but I will probably never go back.
Third, a vitamin regimen to give your body the tools it needs to heal. The protocol has you take all of these supplements that have little or no side effects. Compare that to prednisone or azathioprine, and it’s a slam dunk.

The last part is just to take care of yourself. Good sleep, worry less, learn how to feel good. This is the hardest part. I started meditation, hot baths, walks on the beach, less electronic time. I believe it’s very important to practice these behaviors to help your body heal.

Denise is still working with me today. My numbers are not completely normal (ast60/alt73), but are lower than they have ever been and I am completely off meds for 2 months now. I started in February 2016, it is now August 2016. I am hoping that within the next year I can have normal numbers. Some of the side effects of this treatment include:

I am in the best physical condition of my life, and my mind is clear and focused. As for my Asperger’s, my anxiety has been reduced and I have more willpower to stop the repetitive behaviors, but they are still there. I see hope instead of death. Every time I would go to a doctor they would say “male AIH is aggressive and unpredictable, you could die in the next 6 months.” It’s extremely depressing to hear that over and over again when you have a wife and 2 young boys to take care of. The worst side effect of all is telling everyone their food is poisoned. Most people don’t get it and they don’t want to, so you must pick your battles. My family is beginning to understand, but many simply don’t care.

Denise walked me through this step by step. This is a journey of discovering yourself and how your body operates. Denise hates this disease, it tried to take her child, and she will help in any way she can. She has pooled knowledge from the collective experiences of all the people she has worked with and that is invaluable tool in fighting autoimmune disease.
Thanks for your continued help, I will beat this disease!
Ian, you’ve already beat AIH….you’re in control of it now that you’re off all meds! HOORAY!!!! I’m so proud of him… and his wife …for supporting her hubby and going on the diet with him!
Big Jersey Hugs!

– 32-Yr-Old Ian, father and husband….healed his AIH after 3 years on MEDS!


Beautiful 43-yr-old Kiran is finally AIH-FREE! With no meds! This after 6 years on lots of immunosuppressant’s! She never gave up….NEVER! Kiran researched and asked lots of questions, she told me she wanted to be healthy to watch her sons grow up.
Please welcome my NEW little “sister” to our Healthy & Happy community. Here’s her story…

In 2009 I had a Physical exam a week after I just had a flu. I thought it would be a normal exam but after multiple blood tests that showed abnormal liver enzymes, the doctor recommended a liver specialist in Northern California. After lots of blood tests and a liver biopsy, 3 months later that doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH). I was so shocked because I’d never heard of AIH. The specialist explained it in one simple sentence,” Your immune system is attacking your liver”. He prescribed Predisone, but the side effects were horrible. Next, he prescribed Imuran for a year. After I was weaned off that, the symptoms came back within 6 months. That’s when he said that I’d have to take those drugs FOR LIFE!
But after 5 months on Imuran, my body started to break down. My white blood cell count decreased drastically. Once again, he changed the drug. Budesonide was next, and that stabilized my enzymes for 4-5 months. Then, as it happened before…my enzymes went up again.

At that point I’d lost all hope. The next and last drug that was prescribed was CELLCEPT. During this medicine roller coaster ride, I started to realize that prescription meds weren’t going to cure me. So my sister and I started researching on the Internet and we came across Denise Otten’s book “CURING COURTNEY”. We both bought the book and read it immediately. My sister suggested that I should follow the protocol in the book. I cried while reading the book knowing how hard Courtney’s life must have been. I felt like it was like mine. This book sparked hope and encouraged me that there could be another way to heal. I was ready to experience a new life and future. I quickly took action and hired Denise as my health coach. She guided me through the complete protocol giving me tips and encouraging me on the way. After following her protocol and eventually weaning off the meds, nine months later I felt AMAZING!!! As of today, I’m still taking the vitamins and following the strict diet. My latest liver enzymes were 31/33. Finally I would love to thank Denise because she helped me reverse this disease and brought me a new life and future. If she hadn’t released that book I would be in the darkest times right now. Denise worked so hard for me and I am more thankful than I could ever be! If anybody has this same disease please hire Denise as your Holistic Health Counselor. She was really helpful, responsible, and very caring towards her clients and will lead you to a bright, happy life.
Now you know why I love Kiran’s strength. I’m so proud of her, words can’t express.
Love you Sister!

Curing Courtney’s photo.


Sam’s had AIH for 8 years, with MULTIPLE side effects. His body ‘crashed’ because of Imuran, and kept getting worse until his Mom, Lori found CURING COURTNEY. While his spleen is still slightly enlarged…he’s still a success! He’s healthier and stronger than ever. If you’ve EVER DOUBTED whether this ANTIOXIDANT PROTOCOL works…just ask Lori. She has her son back! I love this kid and his mom…we should all be as strong and determined as they are. Here’s Lori’s story about Sam…get out the tissues:…

Hello folks, I am the proud mom of an 18-year-old boy who was diagnosed with AIH at age 10. Sam is an amazing young man and has had a long journey of meds, operations, vaccines and more.

Age 10:
Sam was a happy younger brother of two older boys. He spent most of his childhood on ball fields watching them play. And as most Americans, we were a busy working family eating fast food to keep up with the pace of life and busy schedules. Sam has a passion for soccer and also singing and performing on stage . Suddenly Sam began to develop telangiectasia’s on his fingers that would break open and bleed as well as chronic nosebleeds. The lab work discovered Sam’s enzymes were extremely elevated and that’s where the journey began. His first biopsy was at age 10. The University claimed it was the worst case of liver psoriasis they had seen in a young child. Doctors first put Sam on Azathioprine and prednisone slowly increasing over time.

Age 13:
Sam’s enzymes were normal and 2nd biopsy showed remarkable turnaround with his liver .

Age 14:
Sam received the meningitis, chickenpox, and hepatitis, vaccines. His enzymes shot up within 6 months! Doctors cranked the Azathioprine up… And he had a severe bone marrow crash within 2 months…. It was devastating! After a year of slightly elevated liver enzyme’s , severe weakness, low red and white blood cell’s and hematocrit levels and a fear of many other things… Sam began to slowly recover. He was not placed back on immune suppressant’s for months other than small dose of prednisone

Sam’s blood work began to slowly improve, and after 3 months they wanted to put him back on an immune suppressant med, Tacrolimus. His red blood cells again dropped slightly and the doctors took him off of Tacrolimus fearing another bone marrow crash and jacked up his steroid. At that time, a mishap occurred and Sam was given the wrong steroid and he blew up and develop varices. As a mother this was when my downward spiral began. So many questions unanswered…not being heard by doctors. The fear & frustration was overwhelming. That began a year full of hospital visits…EIGHT esophageal banding sessions, the addition of BLOOD PRESSURE medication and the FEAR that Sam was going to lose his liver or be on a slow downward trend. All devastating. I was tired of the doctor’s assumption that Sam was on a slow demise. The specialists kept wanting to give more Med’s which in turn caused more problems.
Never once did anyone mention healthy eating or taking care of the body better! All the answers were in pills, which obviously were NOT WORKING!

Once I started wrapping my head around all the medication malfunctions? I begin to question everything! I suddenly felt like doctors weren’t listening to me and they weren’t happy that I constantly questioned their authority and their treatments. They were failing and my gorgeous teenage was getting worse. I felt helpless! That’s when I began to research alternatives and found the book CURING COURTNEY, by Denise Otten. With Denise’s help, we started Sam on the ALA protocol by Dr. Burt Berkson. I was on a quest to give him a healthier diet and turn his disease around.

I was scared because I wasn’t receiving encouragement from doctors about the protocol. They were not against it, but they strongly advised me NOT discontinue immune suppression therapy. We are all brought up to ‘TRUST THE DOCTORS…THEY KNOW BEST.’ But perhaps their standard “medical” treatments need to change. They need to embrace the concept that diet and vitamins DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Within two months Sam’s liver enzymes began to drop and the varices did not return .

Age 17 – present:
Sam now receives IV ALA treatment 2x a week, and his blood work has remains between the 30’s-50’s. All other labs are normal with the exception of platelets remaining in the 60-70’s which has been the case since he was 13 . Last Summer he stopped the last of the pharmaceuticals he was on and has been on vitamins solely since May 2015. We were fortunate enough to visit Dr. Berkson in New Mexico last summer and were able to learn more about the protocol and how Sam can take control of his body.

Sam had an MRI, ultrasound, and endoscopy at the medical University on February 1, 2016. No varices, liver flow is in the appropriate direction, and Sam’s liver has developed new capillaries as his cells regenerate. So we are hoping for the platelets to change. Please pray for Sam to have continued healing . I only wish we had found the protocol early on in his disease. I am hoping the damage around his hyper portal vein can improve so the platelets can also recover.

It has been an enormous challenge to eliminate sugar from a teenager’s diet! When we came home from Dr. Berkson’s in the summer I threw out the entire house worth of food to step up our ability to eat much better. I have had to find alternatives to purchasing organic fruits and vegetables as we live in a very rural area and not much access to organic food stores. But you plug away and do the best you can and I feel we are on the right track. Sam had so many side effects from immunizations and pharmaceuticals. The new approach seems to be producing healthy results. So there you go😀 I encourage you to read the book Curing Courtney and do research yourself. And hire Denise for her services. Are all the doctors at the University recommending the protocol ….of course not! But because we’ve had great results, they’re not telling us to stop what we’re doing. Please do your own research . Sam took both the pharmaceuticals with the vitamin protocol before he weaned off of pharmaceuticals.

My job, now that Sam is an 18 year old senior, is to get him prepared to begin taking care of himself. This is his life and he needs to take control. With the vitamins and diet, he now has the tools to stay healthy.

Thank you Denise for recognizing the need to support mothers. I am a mental health therapist with a masters degree and many years of experience. However, I was not feeling heard by the medical profession and I was struggling to find answers on my own. I needed that extra special someone to support me and push me to overcome the FEAR…. step up the research ….and do what I needed to do for Sam. You my dear, Denise, were an angel.

To all those who struggle with Autoimmune Disease, I say, keep going and don’t give up. Denise reminded me that things don’t change overnight. So work on the diet. Take the vitamins and you too will see a change. A magic pill doesn’t produce results. A lifestyle change does!

YOU GO LORI! You’ve done a GREAT job researching. You’ve got your son back! I’m sooooo proud of her…Another “Warrior Mom!”


Karen BEAT AIH, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and LOWERED her BP. And, she lost weight too!!! All this with the CURING COURTNEY protocol. This tough but funny East Coast woman was on 5 prescription pills when I met her. Now she’s only on ONE for Blood Pressure (of course.) She was skeptical at first …but her hubby Frank supported her and helped her stick to the diet. Here’s her story:
My troubles began June 2015. I began to have joint pain like I never experienced before. My whole body was in pain every day. I was taking aspirin or ibuprofen constantly. Nothing was working. I called my family physician but I also contacted my GYN because 2 weeks prior to all this I had a D&C and I wanted to ask her if any of what I was experiencing could be from the procedure. She told me no.

On the July 4th weekend, my doctor ordered blood work. Then just as my husband and granddaughter and I drove to the Jersey shore, my doctor’s office called to tell me the doctor wants me to go to the hospital immediately, because I have hepatitis of some kind. My AST was 260 and ALT was 511. Now I know this means liver. I said what? I feel fine (in my head I know my joints are killing me but I’m saying I feel fine because I’m thinking I should have some other symptom if my liver is in trouble) You see, my brother passed away a year prior (2014) from liver failure so I have seen liver disease. The Doc told me “if you turn yellow get to the hospital ASAP, come in on Monday if not.” So on Monday, he ordered more labs and my AST was 235 and ALT was 490. The doctor insisted that I see a Gastroenterologist the next day. Fine! He then tells me he thinks it’s AIH. He said I’ll have to take prednisone short term, and Imuran possibly for life. Possibly a liver transplant.
The pain was getting so intense. Some days I had to wrap my wrists to keep them from moving as movement caused more pain. (my work involves typing on the computer). I could not open any bottles at all! I had to ask my husband or sons. I was feeling helpless! I’m a woman who does it all herself. Having to ask them to open a bottle was making me feel useless. Trying to play on the floor with my granddaughter was so hard because it killed to try and push off the floor with pain in the wrists, fingers, arms and muscle weakness. At night, trying to take off my bra, the movement of putting arms behind back to unhook, oh Lord, I just could not do it, crying out in pain to have my husband or granddaughter help me. Even pulling up a sheet would make me moan out in pain to try and pull it up.

I began researching AIH like crazy on the internet and I came across Denise’s book “Curing Courtney.” I downloaded it from Amazon and read it in a few hours. I cried along with Denise while reading her book. I timidly wrote her an email on 7/28. Really not expecting a reply, but checking my email to see and there was one. It was much more then a reply, she was so informative telling me what needs to be done to reverse this and also backing up what she said with links to sites proving this would work. She explained that since writing her book she is now a Holistic Health Coach and I could hire her and she would stay with me until I’m well.

In early August I hired Denise and began taking the vitamins she recommended. My husband and I had a Skype meeting where she answered all of our questions and was there for us the entire time. I refused to take any of the drugs that the docs wanted (no prednisone or Imuran). I followed Denise’s plan exactly, no wheat, no dairy and organic. Taking the many vitamins and adjusting when blood work came back. When I told my family doctor that I was following a holistic approach he smiled and said, “It’s your life, but there is no statistics on any of this.” “It’s always a friend of a friend who had this or that.” “It may not even be the same thing you have.” I just listened and didn’t say a word. I refused the liver biopsy that my gastro doc ordered and when I told my gastro doc that I was following a holistic approach he said, “On the one hand I want to see how this plays out and on the other hand I feel like I’m being used to get blood work scripts”. “You pay her, right?”, “So why can’t she order blood work?” (My reply, she is not a doctor). He said, “I’m not going to be responsible if this goes differently”. I told him this is my decision. I left his office crying. My husband talked to Denise and she emailed me coaching me through all the tough times. My numbers continued to drop getting me closer and closer to normal. My joint pain continued to decrease each month. By the end of October I was without joint pain. Feeling better than I had in years.

I went to see the gastro back in December believing this was going to be my last visit to him after last time. He came in and said “Wow! What are you doing?” I was so shocked by his amazement. My numbers dropped to AST 62 and ALT 74. He even gave me a hug when I left.

Like most Americans, I was led to believe there was no other way to heal than what the doctor told you. To question modern medicine was against the norm. I can personally tell you now that there are other ways to heal yourself and with Denise’s guidance the results are proven! My husband pushed me as much as Denise did. He follows the diet with me. He has been my rock! I couldn’t have done it without him! He has suffered with cluster headaches for over 20 years, while following this new lifestyle he doesn’t even feel a twinge (shadow) of the headaches coming on at all. I really hope he’s had his last one following this lifestyle.

Wasn’t sure if we were going to take a winter vacation this year, but in January we decided to go on our 1st cruise with Disney, booked for February. I went and had my blood work done a few days prior to leaving. The email from the labs came in the day we were leaving and what a celebration this trip became, AST 30 and ALT 30. NORMAL LIVER! I quickly wrote Denise telling her the great news, and we cheered together. I feel blessed, appreciative, grateful and so very thankful to you Denise for all you have done. You have given me back my life! You know what you are doing! Whoever reads this, just contact her, she will lead you on to a new lifestyle for sure, but in the end it’s so worth it! She is the best teacher, coach, mentor and my angel friend.

Thank you Frank, my husband and best friend, for putting up with my crap and pushing me through always finding the positive and getting me to believe that this would work when I was doubtful. Tyler, James and Autumn thank you for all your help when I couldn’t do things myself. I even have my 5 year old granddaughter asking while food shopping, “mom-mom does this have wheat?”. Gotta start them young!

Me and my pirate crew have seized my life back!
xo*hugs, kisses and fist pump* to you Denise

AND A JERSEY FIST PUMP BACK AT YA, my sweet Karen!xoxo



Some days I wonder WHY do I spend my time Coaching and posting and writing about AIH. It’s an expense and it’s time consuming…and Many DON’T believe me when I say …YOU CAN REVERSE AIH NATURALLY! Then I met ANNA …and her mom, Lisa. Anna almost died at 2 yrs old from AIH…has been on meds since then…and 1 year ago, Lisa found me! Now 8 year old ANNA HAS HEALED AND IS OFF ALL MEDS!!! Is it a miracle…or just science? You decide. Here’s her story:
Anna was born in September 2006. A sweet red-headed angel. Then in June 2008 (not quite 2) I noticed her skin was yellow and her beautiful blue eyes were yellow too. We took her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with AIH…her liver was 98% NON FUNCTIONING! In the hospital, her ammonia was so high it was affecting her brain and she couldn’t recognize her own mommy and daddy. While I held her she screamed for her mommy and daddy. I was beside myself with fear. She was rushed to ICU to try to stabilize her. The doctors did all they could do, but her liver was failing.
I dropped to my knees in the PICU and prayed to God to help me. It was all a blur, I was emotionally lost. Later that night, while they were signing us up for the Ronald McDonald House, and put Anna on the liver transplant list, I saw a security guard reading the bible. I took this as a sign and I asked him to pray with me for my daughter. Within a couple of days Anna started doing better and her liver started to regenerate itself. The doctors couldn’t believe the change. I believe I witnessed a miracle. This was a moment that took my breath away. I had a second chance with my baby! The pediatrician told my husband that if I hadn’t brought Anna to the hospital as quickly as I did, she may not have made it through the next week.
As luck or devine intervention would have it, …we went home days later and Anna has been on Prednisone ever since.
Then one day in June 2014, I found Denise’s book CURING COURTNEY. I read it as quickly as I could. It was if she had written my story…except Courtney was a bit healthier than Anna.
I immediately contacted Denise and asked her a dozen questions. I was a little afraid to just start taking vitamins. I was skeptical. But the more I read about the success she’s had and the more I read about Dr. Burt Berkson, the more confident I became.
I realized that it could only help her body by giving her vitamins and farm fresh foods.
Slowly Anna started getting better and better and with the help of my doctors, and some coaching from Denise, we slowly weaned her off the Prednisone. And now she’s OFF ALL MEDS!!! This is the first time in 6 years that she’s been drug free!!! I can’t thank Denise enough and yes, I know so many people were praying for my Anna. God touched her and has healed her. My life… my husbands life and my son Logan’s life has changed. And somehow…my little Anna knew this. Two years ago she said “I love that God is healing my liver. And mommy God told me I’m not going to be sick anymore.” (from the mouths of babes)
Please read Curing Courtney, and try the protocol with the help of a good doctor …and have Denise coach you as well.
Lisa Kiser, Anna’s mommy


BEAUTIFUL 29 yr old Larissa is AIH-free!!!! This after implementing the CURING COURTNEY Holistic treatment. She visited Dr. Burt Berkson after reading the book and now look at her healthy glow! I’m soooo proud of Larissa. She’s from Brazil and lives in the U.S.A. ! Read her story and know that there’s an alternative way to REVERSE AIH!!! SPREAD THE WORD!
In August of 2013 my Dermatologist asked me to check my liver levels because I was taking a medication for acne. She was surprised when my AST/ALT levels were close to 800! She immediately sent me to an hepatologist. They did a lot of exams and a liver biopsy and diagnosed me with AIH. I really was not aware of what it was. After the diagnosis I did a lot of research about AIH, the treatment, side effects, etc. They start me on 35 mg of prednisone and 100 mg of Imuran. They said they would decrease the dose of prednisone every 2 weeks as soon as my levels went down, which was not the case. In the beginning it was really hard to accept my new condition and all the sides effects.
I can say that it was the most difficult time of my life, and I always was wondering why I was chosen to go through this ordeal.
During the treatment I had to go to the hospital two or three times per week for labs and exams. Every week I had bad news about the way I was responding to the treatment. I was always blaming me for not getting my level down and did not know what I could do to help. They increased the dosage of prednisone and Imuran. The side effects worsened. I felt depressed, I had palpitations, I was growing hair where it didn’t belong, my temper flared and my body ached all the time. I was always tired and hungry…how much more could go wrong!? I refused to stop working and I had amazing coworkers, friends and family that helped me. I think the worst part was to realize that my personality changed. I would berate myself…calling myself “bad Larissa” (not strong, but dependent, and emotionally unstable).
Then, to make matters worse…in February of 2014 they tried 2 more drugs on me. I ended up taking 80mg of prednisone and 2500 mg of cellcept! And still I didn’t have good results. My Doctor asked me to come over to the hospital because she needed to create a plan about what we should do. She said that it was unsafe for me to take that high amount of steroids and immunosuppression drugs. She recommended me to stop the meds and just try another one. I had to go to the hospital everyday for labs. I did not want to and asked her if there were any other options. She said I should consider a LIVER TRANSPLANT in one or two years since my damage was 3, on a scale of 0 to 4. When she said the word ‘TRANSPLANT’, I felt like she destroyed my whole life! This was not part of my plans! I want to live long & have family with 3 kids. I totally did not accept what she said and cried for 3 days. Finally, I composed myself and started researching new ways to cure this awful disease.
Finally I found “Curing Courtney”, which gave me hope. I started asking Doctors & friends and reading a lot about ALA and LDN. After all the information, I schedule an appointment with Dr. Burt Berkson, and went to Las Cruces, N.M.
After one month of treatment I did another liver biopsy, since my hepatologist was asking me and I was curious to see how my liver was responding to the ALA and LDN treatment. And to her surprise my liver was only damaged 0-1, on the same scale. I felt like God gave me another chance, it was the best feeling that I have ever felt. I can’t describe how happy I was at that moment.
I continued the treatment with a Doctor closer to me, Dr. Kashi Rai, an amazing woman, doctor and person. She treated not only my liver but my whole body. Since April 2015 I am in remission and continue taking ALA, LDN and all the good food and diet that she recommended.
Since I started the “good treatment” the bad Larissa disappeared, and the old Larissa is back again!!!
I am thankful to God for all the support that I had from my Family and friends. Also I am grateful to Denise. She did an amazing job writing the book and helping people around the world. I am sure without her work I would be on a liver transplant list today, and all my dreams would not be coming true.
Larissa Oliveira
I love you too Larissa…always remember you are STRONG, BRIGHT AND EMOTIONALLY STABLE…and you have an extended family here, with this Healthy group of like-minded loving people! xoxo


GREAT NEWS! Beautiful 30-yr-old Kelly is finally AIH FREE! After 5 years of meds!!! Another Healthy & Happy story. Gorgeous Kelly embraced the CURING COURTNEY protocol, with the help of my Health Coaching and DR. DOUG WILLEN of NYC.: I’m so proud of Kelly …she battled through the depression and despair: Here’s her story…(PLEASE MAKE THESE STORIES GO VIRAL TO HELP THE NEXT AIH PERSON!)
One day back in 2010, I was at work, and someone noticed that my skin and eyes looked very yellow. As we all know, jaundice is something to be taken seriously, so I made an appointment with my Dr. He sent me for LFTs right away and I got a call that I needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately. They drew lots of blood, but could not determine why my liver enzymes were so high. I then had a liver biopsy done. While awaiting those results, I got ENGAGED! I was over the moon! My then fiancé (now husband) went with me to get the results from the liver specialist. The first specialist told me that I did not have a viral form of hepatitis, so I shouldn’t be too upset – I wasn’t contagious. It is only called hepatitis because there is inflammation of the liver. In my case, my immune system was attacking my liver. He said it was not a death sentence and that most people manage this life long disease through steroids and immunosuppressant’s. No one told me I could be put on a liver transplant list for another 4 years. He thought I would likely be in
yu7remission within a few months. Fast y677forward to months later, and my body was blown up like a balloon. I was miserable, my moods were horrible, I couldn’t sleep, I was breaking out like never before, and so much more, all because of the Prednisone. But, worst of all, my health was not improving! My liver and immune system were still not functioning well at all. I was concerned about planning a wedding while feeling
and looking horrible throughout the whole process. So, I went to see a second specialist who I convinced to let me off of the Prednisone. I got married. I went right back on the Prednisone and was miserable again. Still not getting any better. As the years passed, I tried every combination of dosages. We went to a
third specialist at Cleveland Clinic who gave us no new hope or information. Finally we saw a fourth specialist who we’d been waiting to see for 4 years. We felt like that was our new start! He was supposed to be the BEST! I followed his plan. We got the BEST insurance in order to try Budesonide
(supposed to cause less side effects) instead of Prednisone and found that it did not work at all. I felt so hopeless when Budesonide didn’t work. Then, in
November of 2014, we met with my specialist and he told me that the standard protocol was not working for me. So, we would have to try a second tier medication. CELLCEPT, Imuran & another I can’t remember. He gave me three to choose from. All of the side effects were HORRIBLE. CANCER was at the top of that list. I did not want to keep sacrificing other parts of my body and my health to save my liver anymore! But, it felt like that was my only option. He said if that didn’t work, I would need to be put on the transplant list!! I was so depressed and terrified. But, I
picked what I felt was the least horrible of the drug options and after this past Christmas I started it. I have never been so sick in my life! I couldn’t eat, sleep, or keep anything down or inside of my body. It was HELL. The doctor said to stop that drug and have my LFTs done again. It had been 2 weeks, and my levels went from 100 to 334! Once again, the cycle of hope and
disappointment hit me hard. During my nights awake I joined an autoimmune hepatitis group on Facebook. It was there that I first saw a post about the book “Curing Courtney” and the December face of AIH. The post described how this woman had reversed her AIH with holistic methods Denise used to cure
Courtney. So, I ordered the book and read it all in a day and a half. I cried. A lot. I felt the pain and struggle that Courtney’s mother described going through with her daughter. I was feeling so hopeless and out of options. I couldn’t even imagine a future for myself. A transplant was not the future I wanted at 30 years old. I was so tired of living in and out of Dr’s offices and
living as a sick person. So, I decided that I would muster up whatever was left in me after 5 years and give this one last fight before I let myself give up. I contacted Denise, the author of the book, and the mother of Courtney who had Autoimmune Hepatitis like me. I was very intrigued by how she had found
alternative methods to cure her daughter. I really did not think she would respond, but to my surprise, she immediately did! I hired her as my Holistic Health Coach and we got started right away in
January 2015 on the Alpha Lipoic Acid treatment, along with other vitamins and supplements. I also started the Autoimmune Protocol diet at the same time. And went to Dr. Doug Willen in NYC as Denise suggested. Right away my LFTs began to drop! That was the small bit of hope that I needed to keep going! They continued to drop… they’re STILL dropping! I went to see
my specialist a couple weeks ago and he was SHOCKED! Not only by my appearance and how healthy I looked, but by the NUMBERS! He genuinely wanted to know HOW I
DID THIS. He actually asked me to borrow a copy of the book grin emoticon I never thought the day would come for ME to be in REMISSION! It took me 5 years to find this treatment that helped, and in 5 months I was in remission! I’m currently weaning off the last bit of Prednisone and will be medication free VERY soon! I’m so
incredibly thankful to Denise for her help and for writing “Curing Courtney”! I truly don’t believe that I would be in remission today had it not have been for her and her book. Also, Dr. Doug Willen was of great help and guidance to me during the last 5 months. I’m grateful for Denise’s referral to him and for his extensive knowledge. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the constant
love and support from my amazing husband and family. Denise, my husband and family have cheered me on the whole way smile emoticon I am so thankful to have my LIFE
BACK! heart emoticon


These loving parents (Nichol & Emmanuel) were “DESPERATE” when they heard
that their 4-year-old angel, Eliana, had AUTOIMMUNE HEPATITIS and would
have to be on prednisone for 3 years ..or worse. Then Nichol found my book “CURING
COURTNEY”…and after 1 month on the same protocol, they saw great progress. But
it took 1 FULL YEAR until her AST/ALT levels were normal. They are
NOW only 2 ml of prednisone away from having their baby off the dreaded-Pred forever! I had to tell all of you about her MIRACULOUS & HEALTHY JOURNEY (as many of you have travelled
the same road). And even if her levels go up a bit, Mom & Dad know that they just have to raise the vitamins a little to have the AST/ALT drop again.
NICHOL (Eliana’s mommy) wrote to me 1 year ago..: I’ve just read your book and I’m in tears. You are inspirational and I see myself in your story. Thank you so much! We took
my 4-year-old to the Dr. for jaundice and found out she has AIH. Her liver
levels were well above 3700! The pediatric liver specialist told us she
would go on steroids for at least 3 years. I said ‘no way’! I asked them
why is this happening, and how we can reverse it. He told me ‘it’s genetic.
There’s nothing much we can do.’ I am desperate, but trust God that we are
going to get our answer soon!” Then she searched the internet and found
me! It took another few months for Nichol to go AGAINST the traditional medical community…and her husband was a little skeptical too, AT FIRST. Luckily her doctor was opened to anything that Nichol wanted to try…and he worked with her!
It took several months to get Eliana to stabilize, but there was always
an indication that her little body was feeling better than before, her father Emmanuel told me.
Now that Nichol & Emmanuel see how healthy little Eliana is…Nichol
said to me “Today I thought to myself- what if you had never called me
back? What would I do? And what can we do for someone who has saved the
life of our child?” And Emanuel made me cry when he told me “You’ll always
be part of our family”…I feel like the New York cousin. And I just LOVE
BEAUTIFUL ELIANA. She’s like a little fairy! And she’s truly as sweet as an angel!
Congrats Mom and Dad…you did it!!!
Even though she’s still on 2ml of pred….we’re all confident she’ll wean off that
before the end of the summer! I’m so proud of both parents for supporting
each other through this emotional ordeal! Keep up the good work.
Now dry your eyes…and please EVERYONE…SHARE THIS STORY!!! Your “sharing” on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc,… may save another little child’s life! So please push the button and share!!!*

– 5-Year-Old Eliana is HEALED OF HER AIH…


50-Yr-Old, Lisa, The AIH face of MAY, REVERSED HER AIH!.. And is a Cancer Survivor!!!
With the protocol in Curing Courtney & the help of DR. BURT BERKSON, she’s OFF ALL MEDS and Perfect! While everyone’s body heals at different speeds…be prepared to be amazed at the power of nutrition, determination and science combined. Here’s my beautiful New Friend Lisa. She’s an inspiration! A BIG NEW YORK – “You Go Girl!!!!”

I was very discouraged with my declining health beginning June, 2013 with breast cancer followed by double mastectomy, expander complications, and I started tamoxifen therapy for my hormone sensitive cancer. After a couple months on tamoxifen my liver enzymes rose dramatically. Liver biopsy showed liver injury from a new medication and possible AIH. I started on AZA and prednisone January 2014. After my treatment on azathioprine and prednisone I became worried about the side effects from these harsh drugs the longer I was on them, and more importantly, what new health issues would develop with my declining white blood counts. There was even at one point mention of possible bone marrow biopsy. The year had already been filled with complications from my breast cancer drugs, which caused the liver injury, and then my heart attack following my 2nd breast cancer drug. Also I had no cardiac risk factors for heart attack. I became worried that if I was on azathioprine my new problem might be leukemia. I decided to research other possible ways to treat AIH and liver injury, but I was having trouble finding it. My sister, Rachel Heineman. who lives in Kansas City, Mo, was greatly concerned for me and started researching as well. Then one day in November she told me she found a book written by Denise Otten called Curing Courtney. She said it was a gift to me and said it sounded like it might have some answers I was looking for. I read the book in one day, and I immediately felt like I knew I found the answer. It all clicked and made sense! All the research and answers were laid out for me! I had my husband , Brian, read the book and he agreed on trying the treatment. I am forever grateful that I had a very caring and supportive husband through all this, also for my wonderful parents helped me make this happen, in traveling to New Mexico. I feel so blessed that Denise put all her time and research into this to give me these answers I was desperately looking for. Her book changed my life forever. I had no idea these treatments existed with such great success. Visiting Dr. Berkson in New Mexico was a pleasant experience, which included listening to all the patients tell me their individual serious health crisis and how Dr. Berkson saved their life or greatly improved their health. When I met Dr. Berkson, I loved him and his caring nature. He shook my hand and told me,”NOW you’re in the right place.” And I was! I am so happy that I cant wait to tell everyone I can about this treatment! I also make sure to recommend the book Curing Courtney because if it wasn’t for the book I wouldn’t have understood so clearly what I needed to do in the first place. And it led me to Dr. Berkson. I just want as many people to know there are other better options for treatment and great hope out there that many people don’t know even exist in traditional medicine. I feel good knowing I am curing my body in a very healthy way to build my immune system, instead of breaking it down more, possibly causing more disease. I am so happy i did this! My last dr visits was May 4-8. My extensive blood work done shows no sign of liver disease and without medications! I am only doing Dr. Berkson’s treatment mentioned in Denise’s book, and it has been only 4 months! And I’m off Tamoxifin Lisa Forbush



16-yr-old Gorgeous Brianna ..The AIH Healing face of APRIL IS HEALED!
She longer has AIH because of her brilliant and intuitive mom, Shellie! Even though her doctors wanted her to be on the TRANSPLANT LIST…Shellie found CURING COURTNEY…and after implementing the diet and vitamins …and further research…it turned out that she didn’t have AIH …she had CROHN’S!!! But the protocol made Brianna regain her strength…and Mom didn’t stop until she found her answers!!! Shellie is another hero of mine! Here is her story: Please be your own PATIENT ADVOCATE. Research and find people who can help you.
My daughter Brianna had been sick for nine months before I found Denise and her book “Curing Courtney”. Initially they believed she had a bad case of Mono. Six months later they told us that she had AIH and that she may need a liver transplant.
They treated her with high doses of prednisone which she responded to. A couple weeks later some of her symptoms started coming back even with the high doses of prednisone.
We started to change her diet and instantly she experienced results. As she was weaning off the last of her prednisone she
became sick all over again and she ended up back in the hospital.
This is when I found Denise.
I had been searching on the Internet for months looking for
alternative treatment for this disease. I didn’t want my daughter to be on drugs for the rest of her life.
We slowly started making more dietary changes and
started the protocol. We started to see results with in a couple of weeks.
Ultimately Brianna was given a more specific diagnosis ( PSC and Crohns) in which she is following treatment recommend by her doctor. For now, she’s taking Vancomycin is working well.
My only concern is the long term effects of medication.
My hope is that now that her body has healed and she can chose to go back to the Antioxidant protocol when she is ready.
Thanks, Denise, for helping my daughter get healthy again. And for all those phone calls and texts to help me understand how to get her body WELL again.
Now Brianna is beautiful INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE!
Congratulations to Shellie and Brianna for hanging in their when I told them ABSOLUTELY NO WHEAT! Great job ladies!!!

– Beautiful 16-yr-old Brianna- REVERSED HER AIH w/ diet and vitamins…Read how she did it…


Mike reversed his AIH naturally!

The MARCH face of AIH Healing! Meet Handsome Mike from Canada who reversed his AIH with an alternative treatment…this after he beat DIABETES 2. He was doing pretty well, had a setback, found CURING COURTNEY…and now he refers back to it to support what he figured out on his own! Mike wasn’t always this good looking …I’ll post the before and after shots. You’ll be inspired to get to the gym!!! He’s my March Hero! Here’s his story and he sells organic products as well:
This was taken from an article published last week:
“What do you mean I may need a liver transplant? I asked that question six months ago to my hepatologist here in Vancouver after numerous tests and biopsy confirmed I had a rare autoimmune condition. AST/ ALT were 1800/3400!!! I had been doing great since my previous transformation from 2011-2012 which I shared in my previous blog post. Things had changed dramatically when I came back in March 2013 from my first trip back to Vancouver in over a decade.
So I toughed it out and the next few weeks of April 2013 I just stayed home and made a lot of healthy smoothies loaded with fruits, vegetables, and superfoods along with herbs milk thistle and turmeric.

I felt things were getting better but on the night of April 29, 2013 I had severe pain in the right side of my ribcage. I’ve always had a high threshold for pain and I was reminded of the time in 1997 I had a ruptured appendix for a couple of days and thought I was just constipated. This pain though was excruciating and I couldn’t stand it any longer so I had my wife take me to Anaheim Regional Medical Center. The admitting person at the ER took one look at me and told me I needed to be seen immediately. They took blood tests and the results for my liver enzymes were lower but still about 40 times above normal so I was admitted for further testing
Sadly my enzyme levels were above normal again close to the 1000 range and I was in the hospital for two whole weeks while doctors were trying to figure out what exactly was going on.
What put the most fear in me was that statement my GI doctor here told me about possibly needing a liver transplant and the fact that my liver was severely scarred. He recommended a protocol of corticosteroid therapy that in his words he described as potential side effects that were horrendous. To know that a prescribed therapy would cause me to be type 2 diabetic again, regain the weight I had lost, hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and osteoporosis I just didn’t want that at all. I refused his recommendation and told him I would do it the natural way through food, meditation, and healing protocol of nutritional supplements. He immediately told me that he was highly doubtful that would work and said that his option was the only option.

I asked him if his option would cure me of the autoimmune hepatitis. He said no and it was just a program that would dampen my immune system to the point where it could not attack my liver any further and prevent additional damage and possible cirrhosis and liver failure. I figured that if it wasn’t a cure then why subject myself physically, mentally, and emotionally to that. I said to myself I’ve conquered and reversed type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol so this was another higher mountain I would climb. I was steadfast in my belief that I would heal and reverse this condition that would sap my strength mentally, emotionally, and physically on a daily basis. I walked out of his clinic and said I would see him in April and show that I could make it better.
While all this was going on I had taken on a new career as independent representative for Ecoideas which is a company specializing in organic and sustainable food products and natural health supplements. I was still able to take on a few clients for my personal training and maintained social media clients and even added a couple. Those are the blessings that presented themselves to me all while this major upheaval was threatening to submerge me again.
Positivity and the Law of Attraction combined with always being a state of gratitude and surrounding myself with positive people contributed greatly to my well being and healing. I disengaged and let go of what didn’t serve me for my highest good. I listened to my gut intuition more and not be attracted to the same old patterns that brought me down in the first place. I switched to becoming a full vegan because I knew I had to heal my body internally and I felt it responding positively.
The end result was that my enzyme levels were dramatically reduced when July came along and complete validation last month from both my hepatologists in Canada and in the US. I had completely normalized and reversed the condition they felt was incurable and irreversible. The look of surprise, happiness, and confusion they had was something I did not gloat about. I just thanked them for all their support and care for my journey.
Then in January of 2014 I found Denise’s book CURING COURTNEY. ” It’s a blessing that I found it after doing research about my condition. I was inspired by the story you shared and I continued on this healing journey fearlessly.” Mike felt that adding LDN made a difference. ” I still used your book as a guideline reference and to compare my healing protocol.”
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His transformation from from overweight to healthy is amazing!

Mike reversed his AIH naturally!

Mike Reversed his AIH holistically! Surprised his doctors after they told him he might need a liver transplant. Read CURING COURTNEY and now refers to it to stay on track.

– Mike from Canada, Reversed his AIH holistically…still uses CURING COURTNEY as a reference to compare his healing method.


JACK FISHER, 20-yrs-old, just healed his AIH. I’m so proud of Jack, he did it himself when everyone told him he was crazy and he had no money! I coached him as much as possible…but HE DID IT! His research and tenacity paid off.  Look at his beautiful BLUE eyes now!  The whites are whiter than ever!
Misdiagnosed for 6 months with LIVER DISEASE, he never gave up, found the book CURING COURTNEY and went on the protocol. He had EXTREME CANDIDA and the doctors missed it! Within 3 months on Candida diet/vitamins he’s healed…NO MORE JAUNDICE!
Here’s his story:
I was diagnosed with AIH in June 2013 after I had various blood tests taken which showed I had abnormal liver function, I personally didn’t believe it was best to take meds so I refused to take them despite doctors order’s, this is when I researched and found Denise and her book. I then realised that there might be another way to approach this and kept up the research. I had a liver biopsy taken and after waiting 2 months I was informed that I didn’t have AIH and had more blood tests, I changed my diet drastically buy completely eliminating wheat / gluten and also keeping sugar to a minimum, I don’t drink
any diet drinks or anything with artificial sweeteners, I also don’t eat any food with additives such as MSG, Carrageenan and various other health damaging ingredients. I changed my thinking process too and made sure I stayed positive at all times, I started to feel better with my only ongoing symptoms being slightly yellow eyes and Brain fog. Denise and I texted again and it seemed that I had candida from the way my tongue looked, So we changed my diet and vitamins further and in 3 months my eyes were whiter than ever and brain fog lifted, I know that if I go back to the way I used to eat and think and stop taking the supplements that I will be ill again so this is very much an ongoing effort to keep myself well but it is completely worth it to live a normal life and isn’t very difficult once I got used to it. It took a lot of determination and guidance from Denise for me to get to the position I am in now but now I know what to do to keep myself healthy.

I cannot thank Denise enough for being there throughout my journey and I don’t know where I would be without her, she answered every single message and question I send to her with a well thought out and caring reply and has always given me the best advice and guidance I could ask for and I cannot recommend her and her book enough.
Jack, from England


– Jack – 20-yrs-old from England REVERSED his AIH! Misdiagnosed Candida was the true diagnosis.


10-yr-old Alexa is finally HEALED OF HER AIH!
I’m so proud of her mother Kim and now 10-yr-old Alexa, I could cry:  Beautiful Alexa has been healing since 2012 on the ANTIOXIDANT PROTOCOL that helped Courtney! Alexa is PERFECT and off ALL MEDS! YOU GO GIRLS!!!  YOU DID IT!!!!! Here’s her story:
It all started 2 years ago (2012)when Alexa was 8 yrs old and involved in a minor car accident, she had no injuries but felt “weird” so I took her to the ER. After the trauma team looked her over with xrays, blood work etc I was informed that she needed to spend the night because her liver enzymes were elevated to 400/600. After about a month of weekly blood draws they sent her to a Dr at Childrens Hospital in Michigan where after more blood tests and a liver biopsy she was diagnosed with AIH Type 2. The Dr. told me NOT to go onto the internet and look up anything about this disease which of course I didn’t listen …….. After reading all the information on the web where it states that some people have to be on meds for the rest of their life and even possibly a liver transplant I was devastated, this is my baby girl and I wasn’t going to stand for that reality. My mother is big into taking supplements and for the most part the family “blows her off” because for the majority of our lives this was not how we were raised. I started searching on the internet for alternative ways to treat this disease and I did find things but was very reluctant to try and of them on my own…what did I know about this disease? Not a darn thing and I was raised to listen to the Drs, they know best. Alexa started her meds in January 2013, 50mg of Imuran and 30mg of Prednisone, after which I joined a few Facebook pages on AIH and met a lot of great people but people that have been on these meds for up to 20 years and they have so many health problems because of the side effects and I didn’t want that for my then 8 year old. It must have been around Mid 2012 when I first got in contact with Denise & found out how she helped her daughter get off these terrible drugs with supplements and diet changes. Just before that I took Alexa to a Holistic Dr and she put her on some vitamins/supplements to help combat some of these side effects. After talking with the Holistic Dr and Denise I bought all the supplements that are recommended in “Curing Courtney”, her book. Wow, just after a few months her numbers were dropping and dropping. She started weening off of Pred in Feb of 2014 but still stayed on Imuran 50mg. During that year we decided to move her to another Doctor in Michigan who were much more open to her taking the supplements and dietary changes. After she was completely off of the Pred her WBC started to fall to 2 (normal low is 4.5) . So the Dr’s took her off the Imuran but wanted to add her back on Prednisone, at which I totally disagreed, her liver enzymes were normal! I didn’t understand why they would need to do that.The Dr’s have never taken anyone off of meds after only 1 ½ years, especially one with type 2. They felt that she need to be on meds at least until after she hit puberty and only after a liver biopsy…” because if she had a flare it “might” be a big one and we’d have to increase her Pred”.
Well I argued with them to try it for 2 weeks (Denise & I discussed the likelihood that the IMURAN was making her WBC go down to a dangerous level. And it might be making her liver levels go up because she was SO HEALTHY NOW!) So I decided to get labs and see what happens. TWO weeks went by…..& her liver levels went DOWN! Then another 2 weeks later….her liver levels went down again and WBC went UP. So I WAS RIGHT!!! One month later her liver levels kept going down, and WBC count went up. The same thing happened the next month. Labs beginning of Dec 2014 AST 29, ALT 29 WBC 3.5, (PERFECT BLOOD TEST) Alexa just went to the Dr on December 30th 2014 and even though her levels went up 54/35 because she had the stomach flu 2 weeks before that,… her WBC is now at 4.4. The Dr still considers those normal, we are to repeat labs again in a month, if all goes well those will start to be farther apart. I want to thank Denise for all of her help in getting this information out to as many people as she has. I have my beautiful, funny, loving baby girl back. WE LOVE YOU DENISE!!!

8-yr-old Alexa

8-yr-old Alexa

– 8-yr-old Alexa has REVERSED her AIH…and the doctors told her mom it couldn’t be done!!!


When I was 42 years old, I went to my primary doctor for a physical. I’d been noticing I was tired all the time, and I was still carrying an extra 20 pounds of “baby” weight. I had a hard time losing that last bit. When my blood work came back from my physical, my LFTs were in the 400-500 range – WAY out of normal range, but still not astronomical. My doctor initially thought it might be PBC, however he wanted me to go to a specialist (Gastroenterologist) for a more accurate diagnosis. I made an appointment with a GI doc who was referred to me by another doctor. He read my blood work, ordered even more tests, and concluded that I had AIH and AIC (autoimmune cholangitis). He immediately put me on 60 mg of prednisone. My LFTs dropped immediately and were within normal range in less than 2 months. He tapered my prednisone to about 10 mg a day and added 50 mg of azathioprine and 500 mg of ursodiol. My LFTs remained in the normal range (low teens) the entire first year while on the meds. After about 10 months, he tapered me off the prednisone completely. However, I really wanted off the azathioprine because I subsequently learned it was low-dose chemotherapy (POISON). And I couldn’t imagine staying on something like that forever. He refused to sign off on letting me go off the aza. So I started looking into alternative treatment. I had joined several online support groups for AIH on Facebook. It was there I learned about “Curing Courtney” and Denise. I bought the book on and read it in one day. I was terrified to try anything else. I’d gained SO much weight on prednisone, and I dreaded the thought of having to go back on it if the alternative therapy didn’t work. I knew I needed to find a medical doctor who was knowledgeable about my disease and could suggest the right supplements and monitor blood work. I found a local integrative medicine practice and decided to go ahead and try the supplement regimen they suggested. After a few months, my energy returned, my weight started dropping, and I felt better than I had in at least 10 years. I have been on this supplement regimen (which is very similar to the Curing Courtney regimen) and healthy eating plan for over a year now. My LFTs hover around 10. I stay away from gluten, processed foods, and too much sugar. I am so very happy to be off the “poison” and feeling like I have control over my body and my life again.

– Angel – 40-yr-old mom REVERSED AIH naturally w/i 3 MONTHS!


This 16-yr-old NY Teenager REVERSED her AIH with the Antioxidant Protocol and diet…but not completely.  (Both Mom and daughter prefer to remain anonymous, so I posted a picture of Courtney and me) Let’s be Frank…not everyone reverses their AIH perfectly and quickly.  Some take longer than others and this young girl reversed it by 70-90%. Here’s her story written by her mother…

“I wouldn’t say that my daughter is cured or healed of her autoimmune hepatitis. She is still on a journey toward health. I would, however, say that my daughter and our family are much wiser and educated about her disease and much more sure of the path she (we) have chosen to heal her. When my then 14-year-old daughter was first diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis nearly three years ago, after months of headaches and fatigue, we ran to the best specialists we knew sure that they could provide us with the answers. What we didn’t realize is that their pathway to health was not good enough. It was a life of immunosuppressants and steroids. The steroids caused all kinds of side effects including mood swings, irritability, weight gain and brain fogginess. The immunosuppressants, by their very nature of suppressing the immune system, open the door to countless other terrible illnesses and diseases.

We didn’t blindly follow the doctors, sure they knew the answers, but we did try it their way – for a while anyway. Then we learned that there is a whole population out there suffering from autoimmune hepatitis who have found a different road to health – one that requires less strong medications and more life style changes supported by supplements and vitamins.

My husband and I researched auto immune hepatitis. We had the good fortune of finding Dr. Burt Berkson and his Integrative Medical Center in New Mexico and read about his success treating liver disease with Alpha Lipoic Acid. We were lucky enough to find Denise Otten and her book Curing Courtney in which Denise details the protocol that lead to her daughter’s good health. We found Susan Blum, MD, MPH, author of The Immune System Recovery Plan and read about her roadmap to recovery. We devoured Lee Holmes book Super Foods   Eat Your Way To Good Health. These individuals guided us. Most importantly, we learned, through them, not be afraid to challenge the medical community, its diagnosis and treatment. When we asked one very prominent, arrogant doctor early on whether diet had anything to do with our daughter’s illness, he responded curtly “Diet has nothing to do with it.” Fortunately, we’ve learned that diet has everything to do with disease – and even more to do with a cure. For us, diet, vitamins, supplements and life style changes have gotten my daughter closer to normal blood test results and good health. We are not there yet, but we can finally see the light.

We are eternally grateful to Denise Otten and all of those individuals who have unselfishly offered us their help and guidance along the way. I am sure if you looked closely, you could see their angel wings.”

Mom from NY, and her Teenager


40-yr-old Angela, a Mom from Kentucky, Her AIH IS GONE!
In March I had toxic Hepatitis due to a reaction from antibiotics. The toxic Hepatitis went into Autoimmune Hepatitis. I was severely jaundiced. My liver levels were sky high. When I first came down with Hepatitis and they were not sure what the cause was, I found your book, CURING COURTNEY while searching the web. I ordered the book and read it in one day. I began following your healing protocol. I saw a local iridologist who had me do a juice cleansing and started additional herbs. I was referred to a naturopath doctor who started foot detoxes. I did 3 per week, and started taking Burdock Root and Black Root in addition to the other herbs/supplements. My levels started going down. I was seeing a local specialist to get blood levels checked. They referred me to specialist at the local University . I could not get in until June. My levels had consistently lowered since March (except for one time). My June blood work showed the levels were coming on down. My original doctor told me it would probably be a year before they would level out and before I would go into remission. In July I had my next blood work. Guess what? My levels were all normal. I was in remission. I started weaning off of the steroids at the beginning of August. My next doctor appointment was in October. All levels are in normal range. I told the doctor I was following a holistic approach. I am so thankful that I found your book!!! You made a difference in my life!!

Angela from Kentucky!

– 40-yr-old Angela from Kentucky REVERSED her AIH! Like the Curing Courtney protocol…it’s GONE!


6-Yr-Old Adorable Melanie’s AIH IS HEALED!!! This because of her Brilliant Mom Monica!
Here’s her Story:
My beautiful 8-yr old daughter, Melanie was diagnosed with AIH #2 when she was 3 1/2 years old. Of course, I was in denial then, but when her liver enzymes went up and stayed up when she was 6-years-old, I knew I had to act fast. I refused to accept that my baby had an incurable disease with no other recourse but to take prescription meds. Buying Denise’s book was the best decision I ever made. She empowered me and solidified my conviction that there is a natural approach. Who knew that her triple antioxidant approach and a severe change in diet would slow and stop my daughter’s disease from progressing. In less than one year, my daughter’s liver levels were normal.
My daughter will have a normal, healthy life now! Thank you, Denise. You helped. Let’s spread the word not to despair. Be brave. Never, never, never give up!
Monica, mother of now 8-yr-old Melanie from N.Y.

– 6-Yr-Old Melanie’s AIH HEALED w/ the Curing Courtney Antioxidant Protocol…and the brilliance of her Mom, Monica!


6-Yr-Old, NYC, Hailey is HEALED! Her AIH is GONE! And the doctors wanted to give her a Liver Transplant!
Here’s ANOTHER HEALTHY CHILD who’s Brilliant mom, Jackie, reversed her AIH with the same Antioxidant Treatment as in “CURING COURTNEY”. Her AST/ALT liver levels were near 3900…So high the doctor was ready to put her on a transplant list.  Now look at this gorgeous healthy face. No more meds Mommy! Mother and daughter couldn’t be happier! Congrats to both of them. I’m so proud of Jackie! You did it!!!   The mother, Jackie says “She’s the little girl that she was before, happy and active.  She’s my little parrot again.  I’m so proud of her.  She’s a brave little girl and understands that she has to take a lot of vitamins that are good for her.  I want to thank Denise Gabay Otten for helping my daughter and I’ll always be thankful for how she helped guide and educate us so we could reverse Hailey’s autoimmune hepatitis #2. There’s always a way to move on …no matter what.


38-Yr-Old Gorgeous Jessica from Alabama…HEALED HER AIH! This, with the same treatment as in CURING COURTNEY!
Here’s her story:
“I was a picture of health…so I thought. My children range from ages 3 to 11, so you can imagine how busy I am. I truly believed I was in the shape of my life working out with a trainer for 3 years, 3x a week and a “healthy diet”…so I thought. Then one morning I woke up with the whites of my eyes yellow. My whole body was jaundiced. I was feeling horrible and a bit dehydrated. Luckily my best friend, Dr. Renee Lopez is a Maximized Living Chiropractor. She did labs the next day and discovered my AST/ALT were in the 3000 range! When we found out that it was AIH, she immediately put me on dozens of vitamins and changed my diet drastically. It wasn’t so hard to give up the wine…but it was nearly impossible to give up the WHEAT I loved so much. During my own research, I came across the video Denise posted about CURING COURTNEY. I contacted her on Facebook and cried while asking her to help me ..being a mother of four I could not let this disease kill me. After we read the book and Denise spoke with Dr. Renee Lopez, Denise suggested that we tweak a few things in the doctors protocol. Within a few months I started feeling better than before and with the help of the doctor was able to wean off my meds! If you know someone dealing with an autoimmune disorder, please refer them to CURING COURTNEY. It could save their life. It did mine. We have to heal our gut…and take supplements that help our body improve our immune system. I changed the way I ate and my family as well. I feel a passion for helping people heal their bodies of their autoimmune diseases. So thanks again, Denise, for your help.


30-yr-old ROB’s AIH is HEALED!!! This, after 12 years on Doctors prescriptions of Prednisone!
After I read Denise’s book, Curing Courtney, I started researching further and bought all the vitamins and got on a strict diet with no wheat or dairy, and felt better relatively quickly.  I added a few more nutrients to this protocol and felt better within 6 months.  Now 1 year later, I’m better than ever before.  I can’t believe I wasn’t told about this 12 years ago at the age of 18.  Thank you Denise, I truly appreciate your help.

Rob is now a scientist but when he was younger and very sick, he was never given encouragement or research data that suggested he could turn this around with a different protocol. His doctors told him that he wouldn’t have a long life. The medical community only knows one way of treating AIH…with immunosuppressants and possible transplants. He believed the doctors when he was a teenager, but as he got older and was able to access more information on the internet and his research skills as a Chemist paid off. He can now understand and explain to doctors, on a cellular and scientific level, WHY THIS SCIENCE WORKS! I’m so proud of Rob! He ROCKS!!!

– Rob from Europe w/ AIH – Testimony


Very informative, I found this book to be so informative and a great read!! You could feel the love throughout the journey in the book!! A must read!!

– Camille


A wonderful story of a mothers love. I was recommended to read this from a friend and was not sure what to expect. It is a warm beautiful story of a mothers search for an answer the doctors were incapable of giving. I found the book thought provoking and easy to read. I recommend this book!

– MG (NJ, US)


A beautiful story of faith and courage. An easy read that will open your eyes to the medical field and alternative medicine. What makes the book so good is the sincerity and honesty of the author in her search for a cure.

– Dr. Pole


A MUST READ…may be able to save a loved one with what you learn here. Def a must read & share!

– Tracy L. Mccaule “TrayMc” (NJ, USA)


Very informative, I found this book to be so informative and a great read!! You could feel the love throughout the journey in the book!! A must read!!

– Camille

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