“I very much appreciated what you did for your daughter. You exhibited survival behavior and sought to achieve your daughter’s potential to heal. You are an example for others to follow when confronted by adversity.”

- Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, co-author of A Book of Miracles with Deepak Chopra



“In this excellent book, Denise Otten describes how [she] learned about my work with ALA ….Courtney was weaned off the prednisone and….today she is a healthy and beautiful teenager.”

- from the introduction by Burt Berkson, MD, MS, PhD



“It’s a look into the heart and soul of a woman who would not take no for an answer when it came to saving her child’s life. This is a woman I am proud to call my friend.”

- from the preface by Lynn Doyle, Emmy Award-winning television anchor



“The empowering story of a mother’s courage in embracing holistic therapies when standard treatments offered no answers.”

- Ronald Hoffman, MD, author, Founder and Medical Director of the Hoffman Center in New York, host of Health Talk, nationally syndicated radio talk show



“Denise Gabay Otten’s dedication is a shining example of how a mother can use her love and her research skills to save her child’s life. Denise followed her heart—and her gut—and a healthy, happy Courtney is the result!”

- Julia Schopick, author of Honest Medicine


BEAUTIFUL 29 yr old Larissa is AIH-free!!!! This after implementing the CURING COURTNEY Holistic treatment. She visited Dr. Burt Berkson after reading the book and now look at her healthy glow! I’m soooo proud of Larissa. She’s from Brazil and lives in the U.S.A. ! Read her story and know that there’s an alternative way to REVERSE AIH!!! SPREAD THE WORD!
In August of 2013 my Dermatologist asked me to check my liver levels because I was taking a medication for acne. She was surprised when my AST/ALT levels were close to 800! She immediately sent me to an hepatologist. They did a lot of exams and a liver biopsy and diagnosed me with AIH. I really was not aware of what it was. After the diagnosis I did a lot of research about AIH, the treatment, side effects, etc. They start me on 35 mg of prednisone and 100 mg of Imuran. They said they would decrease the dose of prednisone every 2 weeks as soon as my levels went down, which was not the case. In the beginning it was really hard to accept my new condition and all the sides effects.
I can say that it was the most difficult time of my life, and I always was wondering why I was chosen to go through this ordeal.
During the treatment I had to go to the hospital two or three times per week for labs and exams. Every week I had bad news about the way I was responding to the treatment. I was always blaming me for not getting my level down and did not know what I could do to help. They increased the dosage of prednisone and Imuran. The side effects worsened. I felt depressed, I had palpitations, I was growing hair where it didn’t belong, my temper flared and my body ached all the time. I was always tired and hungry…how much more could go wrong!? I refused to stop working and I had amazing coworkers, friends and family that helped me. I think the worst part was to realize that my personality changed. I would berate myself…calling myself “bad Larissa” (not strong, but dependent, and emotionally unstable).
Then, to make matters worse…in February of 2014 they tried 2 more drugs on me. I ended up taking 80mg of prednisone and 2500 mg of cellcept! And still I didn’t have good results. My Doctor asked me to come over to the hospital because she needed to create a plan about what we should do. She said that it was unsafe for me to take that high amount of steroids and immunosuppression drugs. She recommended me to stop the meds and just try another one. I had to go to the hospital everyday for labs. I did not want to and asked her if there were any other options. She said I should consider a LIVER TRANSPLANT in one or two years since my damage was 3, on a scale of 0 to 4. When she said the word ‘TRANSPLANT’, I felt like she destroyed my whole life! This was not part of my plans! I want to live long & have family with 3 kids. I totally did not accept what she said and cried for 3 days. Finally, I composed myself and started researching new ways to cure this awful disease.
Finally I found “Curing Courtney”, which gave me hope. I started asking Doctors & friends and reading a lot about ALA and LDN. After all the information, I schedule an appointment with Dr. Burt Berkson, and went to Las Cruces, N.M.
After one month of treatment I did another liver biopsy, since my hepatologist was asking me and I was curious to see how my liver was responding to the ALA and LDN treatment. And to her surprise my liver was only damaged 0-1, on the same scale. I felt like God gave me another chance, it was the best feeling that I have ever felt. I can’t describe how happy I was at that moment.
I continued the treatment with a Doctor closer to me, Dr. Kashi Rai, an amazing woman, doctor and person. She treated not only my liver but my whole body. Since April 2015 I am in remission and continue taking ALA, LDN and all the good food and diet that she recommended.
Since I started the “good treatment” the bad Larissa disappeared, and the old Larissa is back again!!!
I am thankful to God for all the support that I had from my Family and friends. Also I am grateful to Denise. She did an amazing job writing the book and helping people around the world. I am sure without her work I would be on a liver transplant list today, and all my dreams would not be coming true.
Larissa Oliveira
I love you too Larissa…always remember you are STRONG, BRIGHT AND EMOTIONALLY STABLE…and you have an extended family here, with this Healthy group of like-minded loving people! xoxo

These loving parents (Nichol & Emmanuel) were “DESPERATE” when they heard
that their 4-year-old angel, Eliana, had AUTOIMMUNE HEPATITIS and would
have to be on prednisone for 3 years ..or worse. Then Nichol found my book “CURING
COURTNEY”…and after 1 month on the same protocol, they saw great progress. But
it took 1 FULL YEAR until her AST/ALT levels were normal. They are
NOW only 2 ml of prednisone away from having their baby off the dreaded-Pred forever! I had to tell all of you about her MIRACULOUS & HEALTHY JOURNEY (as many of you have travelled
the same road). And even if her levels go up a bit, Mom & Dad know that they just have to raise the vitamins a little to have the AST/ALT drop again.
NICHOL (Eliana’s mommy) wrote to me 1 year ago..: I’ve just read your book and I’m in tears. You are inspirational and I see myself in your story. Thank you so much! We took
my 4-year-old to the Dr. for jaundice and found out she has AIH. Her liver
levels were well above 3700! The pediatric liver specialist told us she
would go on steroids for at least 3 years. I said ‘no way’! I asked them
why is this happening, and how we can reverse it. He told me ‘it’s genetic.
There’s nothing much we can do.’ I am desperate, but trust God that we are
going to get our answer soon!” Then she searched the internet and found
me! It took another few months for Nichol to go AGAINST the traditional medical community…and her husband was a little skeptical too, AT FIRST. Luckily her doctor was opened to anything that Nichol wanted to try…and he worked with her!
It took several months to get Eliana to stabilize, but there was always
an indication that her little body was feeling better than before, her father Emmanuel told me.
Now that Nichol & Emmanuel see how healthy little Eliana is…Nichol
said to me “Today I thought to myself- what if you had never called me
back? What would I do? And what can we do for someone who has saved the
life of our child?” And Emanuel made me cry when he told me “You’ll always
be part of our family”…I feel like the New York cousin. And I just LOVE
BEAUTIFUL ELIANA. She’s like a little fairy! And she’s truly as sweet as an angel!
Congrats Mom and Dad…you did it!!!
Even though she’s still on 2ml of pred….we’re all confident she’ll wean off that
before the end of the summer! I’m so proud of both parents for supporting
each other through this emotional ordeal! Keep up the good work.
Now dry your eyes…and please EVERYONE…SHARE THIS STORY!!! Your “sharing” on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc,… may save another little child’s life! So please push the button and share!!!*

5-Year-Old Eliana is HEALED OF HER AIH...

GREAT NEWS! Beautiful 30-yr-old Kelly is finally AIH FREE! After 5 years of meds!!! Another Healthy & Happy story. Gorgeous Kelly embraced the CURING COURTNEY protocol, with the help of my Health Coaching and DR. DOUG WILLEN of NYC.: I’m so proud of Kelly …she battled through the depression and despair: Here’s her story…(PLEASE MAKE THESE STORIES GO VIRAL TO HELP THE NEXT AIH PERSON!)
One day back in 2010, I was at work, and someone noticed that my skin and eyes looked very yellow. As we all know, jaundice is something to be taken seriously, so I made an appointment with my Dr. He sent me for LFTs right away and I got a call that I needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately. They drew lots of blood, but could not determine why my liver enzymes were so high. I then had a liver biopsy done. While awaiting those results, I got ENGAGED! I was over the moon! My then fiancé (now husband) went with me to get the results from the liver specialist. The first specialist told me that I did not have a viral form of hepatitis, so I shouldn’t be too upset – I wasn’t contagious. It is only called hepatitis because there is inflammation of the liver. In my case, my immune system was attacking my liver. He said it was not a death sentence and that most people manage this life long disease through steroids and immunosuppressant’s. No one told me I could be put on a liver transplant list for another 4 years. He thought I would likely be in
yu7remission within a few months. Fast y677forward to months later, and my body was blown up like a balloon. I was miserable, my moods were horrible, I couldn’t sleep, I was breaking out like never before, and so much more, all because of the Prednisone. But, worst of all, my health was not improving! My liver and immune system were still not functioning well at all. I was concerned about planning a wedding while feeling
and looking horrible throughout the whole process. So, I went to see a second specialist who I convinced to let me off of the Prednisone. I got married. I went right back on the Prednisone and was miserable again. Still not getting any better. As the years passed, I tried every combination of dosages. We went to a
third specialist at Cleveland Clinic who gave us no new hope or information. Finally we saw a fourth specialist who we’d been waiting to see for 4 years. We felt like that was our new start! He was supposed to be the BEST! I followed his plan. We got the BEST insurance in order to try Budesonide
(supposed to cause less side effects) instead of Prednisone and found that it did not work at all. I felt so hopeless when Budesonide didn’t work. Then, in
November of 2014, we met with my specialist and he told me that the standard protocol was not working for me. So, we would have to try a second tier medication. CELLCEPT, Imuran & another I can’t remember. He gave me three to choose from. All of the side effects were HORRIBLE. CANCER was at the top of that list. I did not want to keep sacrificing other parts of my body and my health to save my liver anymore! But, it felt like that was my only option. He said if that didn’t work, I would need to be put on the transplant list!! I was so depressed and terrified. But, I
picked what I felt was the least horrible of the drug options and after this past Christmas I started it. I have never been so sick in my life! I couldn’t eat, sleep, or keep anything down or inside of my body. It was HELL. The doctor said to stop that drug and have my LFTs done again. It had been 2 weeks, and my levels went from 100 to 334! Once again, the cycle of hope and
disappointment hit me hard. During my nights awake I joined an autoimmune hepatitis group on Facebook. It was there that I first saw a post about the book “Curing Courtney” and the December face of AIH. The post described how this woman had reversed her AIH with holistic methods Denise used to cure
Courtney. So, I ordered the book and read it all in a day and a half. I cried. A lot. I felt the pain and struggle that Courtney’s mother described going through with her daughter. I was feeling so hopeless and out of options. I couldn’t even imagine a future for myself. A transplant was not the future I wanted at 30 years old. I was so tired of living in and out of Dr’s offices and
living as a sick person. So, I decided that I would muster up whatever was left in me after 5 years and give this one last fight before I let myself give up. I contacted Denise, the author of the book, and the mother of Courtney who had Autoimmune Hepatitis like me. I was very intrigued by how she had found
alternative methods to cure her daughter. I really did not think she would respond, but to my surprise, she immediately did! I hired her as my Holistic Health Coach and we got started right away in
January 2015 on the Alpha Lipoic Acid treatment, along with other vitamins and supplements. I also started the Autoimmune Protocol diet at the same time. And went to Dr. Doug Willen in NYC as Denise suggested. Right away my LFTs began to drop! That was the small bit of hope that I needed to keep going! They continued to drop… they’re STILL dropping! I went to see
my specialist a couple weeks ago and he was SHOCKED! Not only by my appearance and how healthy I looked, but by the NUMBERS! He genuinely wanted to know HOW I
DID THIS. He actually asked me to borrow a copy of the book grin emoticon I never thought the day would come for ME to be in REMISSION! It took me 5 years to find this treatment that helped, and in 5 months I was in remission! I’m currently weaning off the last bit of Prednisone and will be medication free VERY soon! I’m so
incredibly thankful to Denise for her help and for writing “Curing Courtney”! I truly don’t believe that I would be in remission today had it not have been for her and her book. Also, Dr. Doug Willen was of great help and guidance to me during the last 5 months. I’m grateful for Denise’s referral to him and for his extensive knowledge. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the constant
love and support from my amazing husband and family. Denise, my husband and family have cheered me on the whole way smile emoticon I am so thankful to have my LIFE
BACK! heart emoticon

50-Yr-Old, Lisa, The AIH face of MAY, REVERSED HER AIH!.. And is a Cancer Survivor!!!
With the protocol in Curing Courtney & the help of DR. BURT BERKSON, she’s OFF ALL MEDS and Perfect! While everyone’s body heals at different speeds…be prepared to be amazed at the power of nutrition, determination and science combined. Here’s my beautiful New Friend Lisa. She’s an inspiration! A BIG NEW YORK – “You Go Girl!!!!”

I was very discouraged with my declining health beginning June, 2013 with breast cancer followed by double mastectomy, expander complications, and I started tamoxifen therapy for my hormone sensitive cancer. After a couple months on tamoxifen my liver enzymes rose dramatically. Liver biopsy showed liver injury from a new medication and possible AIH. I started on AZA and prednisone January 2014. After my treatment on azathioprine and prednisone I became worried about the side effects from these harsh drugs the longer I was on them, and more importantly, what new health issues would develop with my declining white blood counts. There was even at one point mention of possible bone marrow biopsy. The year had already been filled with complications from my breast cancer drugs, which caused the liver injury, and then my heart attack following my 2nd breast cancer drug. Also I had no cardiac risk factors for heart attack. I became worried that if I was on azathioprine my new problem might be leukemia. I decided to research other possible ways to treat AIH and liver injury, but I was having trouble finding it. My sister, Rachel Heineman. who lives in Kansas City, Mo, was greatly concerned for me and started researching as well. Then one day in November she told me she found a book written by Denise Otten called Curing Courtney. She said it was a gift to me and said it sounded like it might have some answers I was looking for. I read the book in one day, and I immediately felt like I knew I found the answer. It all clicked and made sense! All the research and answers were laid out for me! I had my husband , Brian, read the book and he agreed on trying the treatment. I am forever grateful that I had a very caring and supportive husband through all this, also for my wonderful parents helped me make this happen, in traveling to New Mexico. I feel so blessed that Denise put all her time and research into this to give me these answers I was desperately looking for. Her book changed my life forever. I had no idea these treatments existed with such great success. Visiting Dr. Berkson in New Mexico was a pleasant experience, which included listening to all the patients tell me their individual serious health crisis and how Dr. Berkson saved their life or greatly improved their health. When I met Dr. Berkson, I loved him and his caring nature. He shook my hand and told me,”NOW you’re in the right place.” And I was! I am so happy that I cant wait to tell everyone I can about this treatment! I also make sure to recommend the book Curing Courtney because if it wasn’t for the book I wouldn’t have understood so clearly what I needed to do in the first place. And it led me to Dr. Berkson. I just want as many people to know there are other better options for treatment and great hope out there that many people don’t know even exist in traditional medicine. I feel good knowing I am curing my body in a very healthy way to build my immune system, instead of breaking it down more, possibly causing more disease. I am so happy i did this! My last dr visits was May 4-8. My extensive blood work done shows no sign of liver disease and without medications! I am only doing Dr. Berkson’s treatment mentioned in Denise’s book, and it has been only 4 months! And I’m off Tamoxifin Lisa Forbush



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