“I very much appreciated what you did for your daughter. You exhibited survival behavior and sought to achieve your daughter’s potential to heal. You are an example for others to follow when confronted by adversity.”

- Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, co-author of A Book of Miracles with Deepak Chopra



“In this excellent book, Denise Otten describes how [she] learned about my work with ALA ….Courtney was weaned off the prednisone and….today she is a healthy and beautiful teenager.”

- from the introduction by Burt Berkson, MD, MS, PhD



“It’s a look into the heart and soul of a woman who would not take no for an answer when it came to saving her child’s life. This is a woman I am proud to call my friend.”

- from the preface by Lynn Doyle, Emmy Award-winning television anchor



“The empowering story of a mother’s courage in embracing holistic therapies when standard treatments offered no answers.”

- Ronald Hoffman, MD, author, Founder and Medical Director of the Hoffman Center in New York, host of Health Talk, nationally syndicated radio talk show



“Denise Gabay Otten’s dedication is a shining example of how a mother can use her love and her research skills to save her child’s life. Denise followed her heart—and her gut—and a healthy, happy Courtney is the result!”

- Julia Schopick, author of Honest Medicine


AIH affects men too! Meet my Handsome friend Ian! He reversed his AIH with the CURING COURTNEY method and is OFF ALL MEDS….for the first time in 3 years!!! His determination to live a healthy life so that he can be a great dad and husband to his wife and 2 boys motivated him to heal! Here’s his story:…

My autoimmune troubles began at 18-yrs old. I was diagnosed with colitis and the doctors said there was nothing they could do and I had to live with it. So I did for 12 years. I also have Asperger’s but didn’t know that much of the ‘leaky gut/colitis’ issues caused some of my Asperger’s issues to get worse. During that time, I learned about alternative healing and went gluten free on and off for years and I avoided certain foods but it never really went away. Then at 30, I developed pneumonia & just couldn’t kick it. I was on antibiotics for a while but it got much worse and I was hospitalized.

This is when the battery of tests began at one of the largest hospitals in our metro area. For 5 days they weren’t sure what was wrong. I had swollen lymph nodes, so they told me I had cancer. Then they said no, you have lupus. Then they said no, you have autoimmune hepatitis. Plus I had a viral infection that brought on the pneumonia. My liver enzymes weren’t that high (200-300 range), but my pericardium was filled with fluid so they had to drain it and get my heart back to normal size.

I was immediately put on 40 mg of Prednisone and 200 mg of Azathioprine, and my numbers still would not go down. Eventually they weaned me off of Pred and had me on AZA for 3 years. I took prednisone once in a while if I had a flare up. I had STAGE 4 FIBROSIS.

The positive trait about my Asperger’s is it gives me great focus and my research abilities are heightened. So I kept researching ‘alternative remedies’. I found & read Dr. Burt Berkson’s book, “The Alpha Lipoic Breakthrough. “Then I read “Curing Courtney” by Denise Otten, and “The Autoimmune Paleo Approach” by Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. I continued to absorb information from all over the net from different people who had reversed their autoimmune hepatitis. One morning I had a question, specifically for Denise Otten, and found her on Facebook. She replied within a day and told me what I needed to know. I e-mailed her with questions for about a month, and eventually decided to do it. I needed a lifestyle change, that was clear from my reading, but how? I hired Denise as a consultant and the changes began.

First, going all organic was hard to understand. But after doing some reading, the science became clear. Those pesticides mess with your body, and that is not what I needed while healing.
Second, No wheat, No Dairy. Inflammation and mucus. May only be temporary, but I will probably never go back.
Third, a vitamin regimen to give your body the tools it needs to heal. The protocol has you take all of these supplements that have little or no side effects. Compare that to prednisone or azathioprine, and it’s a slam dunk.

The last part is just to take care of yourself. Good sleep, worry less, learn how to feel good. This is the hardest part. I started meditation, hot baths, walks on the beach, less electronic time. I believe it’s very important to practice these behaviors to help your body heal.

Denise is still working with me today. My numbers are not completely normal (ast60/alt73), but are lower than they have ever been and I am completely off meds for 2 months now. I started in February 2016, it is now August 2016. I am hoping that within the next year I can have normal numbers. Some of the side effects of this treatment include:

I am in the best physical condition of my life, and my mind is clear and focused. As for my Asperger’s, my anxiety has been reduced and I have more willpower to stop the repetitive behaviors, but they are still there. I see hope instead of death. Every time I would go to a doctor they would say “male AIH is aggressive and unpredictable, you could die in the next 6 months.” It’s extremely depressing to hear that over and over again when you have a wife and 2 young boys to take care of. The worst side effect of all is telling everyone their food is poisoned. Most people don’t get it and they don’t want to, so you must pick your battles. My family is beginning to understand, but many simply don’t care.

Denise walked me through this step by step. This is a journey of discovering yourself and how your body operates. Denise hates this disease, it tried to take her child, and she will help in any way she can. She has pooled knowledge from the collective experiences of all the people she has worked with and that is invaluable tool in fighting autoimmune disease.
Thanks for your continued help, I will beat this disease!
Ian, you’ve already beat AIH….you’re in control of it now that you’re off all meds! HOORAY!!!! I’m so proud of him… and his wife …for supporting her hubby and going on the diet with him!
Big Jersey Hugs!

32-Yr-Old Ian, father and husband....healed his AIH after 3 years on MEDS!

Sam’s had AIH for 8 years, with MULTIPLE side effects. His body ‘crashed’ because of Imuran, and kept getting worse until his Mom, Lori found CURING COURTNEY. While his spleen is still slightly enlarged…he’s still a success! He’s healthier and stronger than ever. If you’ve EVER DOUBTED whether this ANTIOXIDANT PROTOCOL works…just ask Lori. She has her son back! I love this kid and his mom…we should all be as strong and determined as they are. Here’s Lori’s story about Sam…get out the tissues:…

Hello folks, I am the proud mom of an 18-year-old boy who was diagnosed with AIH at age 10. Sam is an amazing young man and has had a long journey of meds, operations, vaccines and more.

Age 10:
Sam was a happy younger brother of two older boys. He spent most of his childhood on ball fields watching them play. And as most Americans, we were a busy working family eating fast food to keep up with the pace of life and busy schedules. Sam has a passion for soccer and also singing and performing on stage . Suddenly Sam began to develop telangiectasia’s on his fingers that would break open and bleed as well as chronic nosebleeds. The lab work discovered Sam’s enzymes were extremely elevated and that’s where the journey began. His first biopsy was at age 10. The University claimed it was the worst case of liver psoriasis they had seen in a young child. Doctors first put Sam on Azathioprine and prednisone slowly increasing over time.

Age 13:
Sam’s enzymes were normal and 2nd biopsy showed remarkable turnaround with his liver .

Age 14:
Sam received the meningitis, chickenpox, and hepatitis, vaccines. His enzymes shot up within 6 months! Doctors cranked the Azathioprine up… And he had a severe bone marrow crash within 2 months…. It was devastating! After a year of slightly elevated liver enzyme’s , severe weakness, low red and white blood cell’s and hematocrit levels and a fear of many other things… Sam began to slowly recover. He was not placed back on immune suppressant’s for months other than small dose of prednisone

Sam’s blood work began to slowly improve, and after 3 months they wanted to put him back on an immune suppressant med, Tacrolimus. His red blood cells again dropped slightly and the doctors took him off of Tacrolimus fearing another bone marrow crash and jacked up his steroid. At that time, a mishap occurred and Sam was given the wrong steroid and he blew up and develop varices. As a mother this was when my downward spiral began. So many questions unanswered…not being heard by doctors. The fear & frustration was overwhelming. That began a year full of hospital visits…EIGHT esophageal banding sessions, the addition of BLOOD PRESSURE medication and the FEAR that Sam was going to lose his liver or be on a slow downward trend. All devastating. I was tired of the doctor’s assumption that Sam was on a slow demise. The specialists kept wanting to give more Med’s which in turn caused more problems.
Never once did anyone mention healthy eating or taking care of the body better! All the answers were in pills, which obviously were NOT WORKING!

Once I started wrapping my head around all the medication malfunctions? I begin to question everything! I suddenly felt like doctors weren’t listening to me and they weren’t happy that I constantly questioned their authority and their treatments. They were failing and my gorgeous teenage was getting worse. I felt helpless! That’s when I began to research alternatives and found the book CURING COURTNEY, by Denise Otten. With Denise’s help, we started Sam on the ALA protocol by Dr. Burt Berkson. I was on a quest to give him a healthier diet and turn his disease around.

I was scared because I wasn’t receiving encouragement from doctors about the protocol. They were not against it, but they strongly advised me NOT discontinue immune suppression therapy. We are all brought up to ‘TRUST THE DOCTORS…THEY KNOW BEST.’ But perhaps their standard “medical” treatments need to change. They need to embrace the concept that diet and vitamins DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Within two months Sam’s liver enzymes began to drop and the varices did not return .

Age 17 – present:
Sam now receives IV ALA treatment 2x a week, and his blood work has remains between the 30’s-50’s. All other labs are normal with the exception of platelets remaining in the 60-70’s which has been the case since he was 13 . Last Summer he stopped the last of the pharmaceuticals he was on and has been on vitamins solely since May 2015. We were fortunate enough to visit Dr. Berkson in New Mexico last summer and were able to learn more about the protocol and how Sam can take control of his body.

Sam had an MRI, ultrasound, and endoscopy at the medical University on February 1, 2016. No varices, liver flow is in the appropriate direction, and Sam’s liver has developed new capillaries as his cells regenerate. So we are hoping for the platelets to change. Please pray for Sam to have continued healing . I only wish we had found the protocol early on in his disease. I am hoping the damage around his hyper portal vein can improve so the platelets can also recover.

It has been an enormous challenge to eliminate sugar from a teenager’s diet! When we came home from Dr. Berkson’s in the summer I threw out the entire house worth of food to step up our ability to eat much better. I have had to find alternatives to purchasing organic fruits and vegetables as we live in a very rural area and not much access to organic food stores. But you plug away and do the best you can and I feel we are on the right track. Sam had so many side effects from immunizations and pharmaceuticals. The new approach seems to be producing healthy results. So there you go😀 I encourage you to read the book Curing Courtney and do research yourself. And hire Denise for her services. Are all the doctors at the University recommending the protocol ….of course not! But because we’ve had great results, they’re not telling us to stop what we’re doing. Please do your own research . Sam took both the pharmaceuticals with the vitamin protocol before he weaned off of pharmaceuticals.

My job, now that Sam is an 18 year old senior, is to get him prepared to begin taking care of himself. This is his life and he needs to take control. With the vitamins and diet, he now has the tools to stay healthy.

Thank you Denise for recognizing the need to support mothers. I am a mental health therapist with a masters degree and many years of experience. However, I was not feeling heard by the medical profession and I was struggling to find answers on my own. I needed that extra special someone to support me and push me to overcome the FEAR…. step up the research ….and do what I needed to do for Sam. You my dear, Denise, were an angel.

To all those who struggle with Autoimmune Disease, I say, keep going and don’t give up. Denise reminded me that things don’t change overnight. So work on the diet. Take the vitamins and you too will see a change. A magic pill doesn’t produce results. A lifestyle change does!

YOU GO LORI! You’ve done a GREAT job researching. You’ve got your son back! I’m sooooo proud of her…Another “Warrior Mom!”

Beautiful 43-yr-old Kiran is finally AIH-FREE! With no meds! This after 6 years on lots of immunosuppressant’s! She never gave up….NEVER! Kiran researched and asked lots of questions, she told me she wanted to be healthy to watch her sons grow up.
Please welcome my NEW little “sister” to our Healthy & Happy community. Here’s her story…

In 2009 I had a Physical exam a week after I just had a flu. I thought it would be a normal exam but after multiple blood tests that showed abnormal liver enzymes, the doctor recommended a liver specialist in Northern California. After lots of blood tests and a liver biopsy, 3 months later that doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH). I was so shocked because I’d never heard of AIH. The specialist explained it in one simple sentence,” Your immune system is attacking your liver”. He prescribed Predisone, but the side effects were horrible. Next, he prescribed Imuran for a year. After I was weaned off that, the symptoms came back within 6 months. That’s when he said that I’d have to take those drugs FOR LIFE!
But after 5 months on Imuran, my body started to break down. My white blood cell count decreased drastically. Once again, he changed the drug. Budesonide was next, and that stabilized my enzymes for 4-5 months. Then, as it happened before…my enzymes went up again.

At that point I’d lost all hope. The next and last drug that was prescribed was CELLCEPT. During this medicine roller coaster ride, I started to realize that prescription meds weren’t going to cure me. So my sister and I started researching on the Internet and we came across Denise Otten’s book “CURING COURTNEY”. We both bought the book and read it immediately. My sister suggested that I should follow the protocol in the book. I cried while reading the book knowing how hard Courtney’s life must have been. I felt like it was like mine. This book sparked hope and encouraged me that there could be another way to heal. I was ready to experience a new life and future. I quickly took action and hired Denise as my health coach. She guided me through the complete protocol giving me tips and encouraging me on the way. After following her protocol and eventually weaning off the meds, nine months later I felt AMAZING!!! As of today, I’m still taking the vitamins and following the strict diet. My latest liver enzymes were 31/33. Finally I would love to thank Denise because she helped me reverse this disease and brought me a new life and future. If she hadn’t released that book I would be in the darkest times right now. Denise worked so hard for me and I am more thankful than I could ever be! If anybody has this same disease please hire Denise as your Holistic Health Counselor. She was really helpful, responsible, and very caring towards her clients and will lead you to a bright, happy life.
Now you know why I love Kiran’s strength. I’m so proud of her, words can’t express.
Love you Sister!

Curing Courtney’s photo.

Karen BEAT AIH, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and LOWERED her BP. And, she lost weight too!!! All this with the CURING COURTNEY protocol. This tough but funny East Coast woman was on 5 prescription pills when I met her. Now she’s only on ONE for Blood Pressure (of course.) She was skeptical at first …but her hubby Frank supported her and helped her stick to the diet. Here’s her story:
My troubles began June 2015. I began to have joint pain like I never experienced before. My whole body was in pain every day. I was taking aspirin or ibuprofen constantly. Nothing was working. I called my family physician but I also contacted my GYN because 2 weeks prior to all this I had a D&C and I wanted to ask her if any of what I was experiencing could be from the procedure. She told me no.

On the July 4th weekend, my doctor ordered blood work. Then just as my husband and granddaughter and I drove to the Jersey shore, my doctor’s office called to tell me the doctor wants me to go to the hospital immediately, because I have hepatitis of some kind. My AST was 260 and ALT was 511. Now I know this means liver. I said what? I feel fine (in my head I know my joints are killing me but I’m saying I feel fine because I’m thinking I should have some other symptom if my liver is in trouble) You see, my brother passed away a year prior (2014) from liver failure so I have seen liver disease. The Doc told me “if you turn yellow get to the hospital ASAP, come in on Monday if not.” So on Monday, he ordered more labs and my AST was 235 and ALT was 490. The doctor insisted that I see a Gastroenterologist the next day. Fine! He then tells me he thinks it’s AIH. He said I’ll have to take prednisone short term, and Imuran possibly for life. Possibly a liver transplant.
The pain was getting so intense. Some days I had to wrap my wrists to keep them from moving as movement caused more pain. (my work involves typing on the computer). I could not open any bottles at all! I had to ask my husband or sons. I was feeling helpless! I’m a woman who does it all herself. Having to ask them to open a bottle was making me feel useless. Trying to play on the floor with my granddaughter was so hard because it killed to try and push off the floor with pain in the wrists, fingers, arms and muscle weakness. At night, trying to take off my bra, the movement of putting arms behind back to unhook, oh Lord, I just could not do it, crying out in pain to have my husband or granddaughter help me. Even pulling up a sheet would make me moan out in pain to try and pull it up.

I began researching AIH like crazy on the internet and I came across Denise’s book “Curing Courtney.” I downloaded it from Amazon and read it in a few hours. I cried along with Denise while reading her book. I timidly wrote her an email on 7/28. Really not expecting a reply, but checking my email to see and there was one. It was much more then a reply, she was so informative telling me what needs to be done to reverse this and also backing up what she said with links to sites proving this would work. She explained that since writing her book she is now a Holistic Health Coach and I could hire her and she would stay with me until I’m well.

In early August I hired Denise and began taking the vitamins she recommended. My husband and I had a Skype meeting where she answered all of our questions and was there for us the entire time. I refused to take any of the drugs that the docs wanted (no prednisone or Imuran). I followed Denise’s plan exactly, no wheat, no dairy and organic. Taking the many vitamins and adjusting when blood work came back. When I told my family doctor that I was following a holistic approach he smiled and said, “It’s your life, but there is no statistics on any of this.” “It’s always a friend of a friend who had this or that.” “It may not even be the same thing you have.” I just listened and didn’t say a word. I refused the liver biopsy that my gastro doc ordered and when I told my gastro doc that I was following a holistic approach he said, “On the one hand I want to see how this plays out and on the other hand I feel like I’m being used to get blood work scripts”. “You pay her, right?”, “So why can’t she order blood work?” (My reply, she is not a doctor). He said, “I’m not going to be responsible if this goes differently”. I told him this is my decision. I left his office crying. My husband talked to Denise and she emailed me coaching me through all the tough times. My numbers continued to drop getting me closer and closer to normal. My joint pain continued to decrease each month. By the end of October I was without joint pain. Feeling better than I had in years.

I went to see the gastro back in December believing this was going to be my last visit to him after last time. He came in and said “Wow! What are you doing?” I was so shocked by his amazement. My numbers dropped to AST 62 and ALT 74. He even gave me a hug when I left.

Like most Americans, I was led to believe there was no other way to heal than what the doctor told you. To question modern medicine was against the norm. I can personally tell you now that there are other ways to heal yourself and with Denise’s guidance the results are proven! My husband pushed me as much as Denise did. He follows the diet with me. He has been my rock! I couldn’t have done it without him! He has suffered with cluster headaches for over 20 years, while following this new lifestyle he doesn’t even feel a twinge (shadow) of the headaches coming on at all. I really hope he’s had his last one following this lifestyle.

Wasn’t sure if we were going to take a winter vacation this year, but in January we decided to go on our 1st cruise with Disney, booked for February. I went and had my blood work done a few days prior to leaving. The email from the labs came in the day we were leaving and what a celebration this trip became, AST 30 and ALT 30. NORMAL LIVER! I quickly wrote Denise telling her the great news, and we cheered together. I feel blessed, appreciative, grateful and so very thankful to you Denise for all you have done. You have given me back my life! You know what you are doing! Whoever reads this, just contact her, she will lead you on to a new lifestyle for sure, but in the end it’s so worth it! She is the best teacher, coach, mentor and my angel friend.

Thank you Frank, my husband and best friend, for putting up with my crap and pushing me through always finding the positive and getting me to believe that this would work when I was doubtful. Tyler, James and Autumn thank you for all your help when I couldn’t do things myself. I even have my 5 year old granddaughter asking while food shopping, “mom-mom does this have wheat?”. Gotta start them young!

Me and my pirate crew have seized my life back!
xo*hugs, kisses and fist pump* to you Denise

AND A JERSEY FIST PUMP BACK AT YA, my sweet Karen!xoxo



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