“I very much appreciated what you did for your daughter. You exhibited survival behavior and sought to achieve your daughter’s potential to heal. You are an example for others to follow when confronted by adversity.”

- Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, co-author of A Book of Miracles with Deepak Chopra



“In this excellent book, Denise Otten describes how [she] learned about my work with ALA ….Courtney was weaned off the prednisone and….today she is a healthy and beautiful teenager.”

- from the introduction by Burt Berkson, MD, MS, PhD



“It’s a look into the heart and soul of a woman who would not take no for an answer when it came to saving her child’s life. This is a woman I am proud to call my friend.”

- from the preface by Lynn Doyle, Emmy Award-winning television anchor



“The empowering story of a mother’s courage in embracing holistic therapies when standard treatments offered no answers.”

- Ronald Hoffman, MD, author, Founder and Medical Director of the Hoffman Center in New York, host of Health Talk, nationally syndicated radio talk show



“Denise Gabay Otten’s dedication is a shining example of how a mother can use her love and her research skills to save her child’s life. Denise followed her heart—and her gut—and a healthy, happy Courtney is the result!”

- Julia Schopick, author of Honest Medicine



The AIH Healing…face of APRIL…Gorgeous 16-yr-old Brianna no longer has AIH because of her brilliant and intuitive mom, Shellie! Even though her doctors wanted her to be on the TRANSPLANT LIST…Shellie found CURING COURTNEY…and after implementing the diet and vitamins …and further research…it turned out that she didn’t have AIH …she had CROHN’S!!! But the protocol made Brianna regain her strength…and the Mom didn’t stop until she found her answers!!! And of course…she DIDN’T NEED a liver transplant but Shellie and I had to question the doctors repeatedly until they determined that ….OH she doesn’t need a transplant after all!!! Imagine the scare tactics that were used on poor Shellie!!!
Shellie is another hero of mine! Here is her story: Please be your own PATIENT ADVOCATE. Research and find people who can help you.
My daughter Brianna had been sick for nine months before I found Denise and her book “Curing Courtney”. Initially they believed she had a bad case of Mono. Six months later they told us that she had AIH and that she may need a liver transplant.
They treated her with high doses of prednisone which she responded to. A couple weeks later some of her symptoms started coming back even with the high doses of prednisone.
We started to change her diet and instantly she experienced results. As she was weaning off the last of her prednisone she
became sick all over again and she ended up back in the hospital.
This is when I found Denise.
I had been searching on the Internet for months looking for
alternative treatment for this disease. I didn’t want my daughter to be on drugs for the rest of her life.
We slowly started making more dietary changes and
started the protocol. We started to see results with in a couple of weeks.
Ultimately Brianna was given a more specific diagnosis ( PSC and Crohns) in which she is following treatment recommend by her doctor. For now, she’s taking Vancomycin is working well.
My only concern is the long term effects of medication.
My hope is that now that her body has healed and she can chose to go back to the Antioxidant protocol when she is ready.
Thanks, Denise, for helping my daughter get healthy again. And for all those phone calls and texts to help me understand how to get her body WELL again.
Now Brianna is beautiful INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE!
Congratulations to Shellie and Brianna for hanging in their when I told them ABSOLUTELY NO WHEAT! Great job ladies!!!
Beautiful 16-yr-old Brianna- REVERSED HER AIH w/ diet and vitamins...Read how she did it...
JACK FISHER just healed his AIH..he’s 20-yrs-old. I’m so proud of Jack, he did it himself when everyone told him he was crazy and he had no money! I coached him as much as possible…but HE DID IT! His research and tenacity paid off.  Look at his beautiful BLUE eyes now!  The whites are whiter than ever!
Misdiagnosed for 6 months with LIVER DISEASE, he never gave up, found the book CURING COURTNEY and went on the protocol. He had EXTREME CANDIDA and the doctors missed it! Within 3 months on Candida diet/vitamins he’s healed…NO MORE JAUNDICE!

Jack, the 20 yr old who healed himself of AIH,...with Antioxidants and diet!!!

Jack, the 20 yr old who healed himself of AIH,…with Antioxidants and diet!!!

Here’s his story:
I was diagnosed with AIH in June 2013 after I had various blood tests taken which showed I had abnormal liver function, I personally didn’t believe it was best to take meds so I refused to take them despite doctors order’s, this is when I researched and found Denise and her book. I then realised that there might be another way to approach this and kept up the research. I had a liver biopsy taken and after waiting 2 months I was informed that I didn’t have AIH and had more blood tests, I changed my diet drastically buy completely eliminating wheat / gluten and also keeping sugar to a minimum, I don’t drink
any diet drinks or anything with artificial sweeteners, I also don’t eat any food with additives such as MSG, Carrageenan and various other health damaging ingredients. I changed my thinking process too and made sure I stayed positive at all times, I started to feel better with my only ongoing symptoms being slightly yellow eyes and Brain fog. Denise and I texted again and it seemed that I had candida from the way my tongue looked, So we changed my diet and vitamins further and in 3 months my eyes were whiter than ever and brain fog lifted, I know that if I go back to the way I used to eat and think and stop taking the supplements that I will be ill again so this is very much an ongoing effort to keep myself well but it is completely worth it to live a normal life and isn’t very difficult once I got used to it. It took a lot of determination and guidance from Denise for me to get to the position I am in now but now I know what to do to keep myself healthy.

I cannot thank Denise enough for being there throughout my journey and I don’t know where I would be without her, she answered every single message and question I send to her with a well thought out and caring reply and has always given me the best advice and guidance I could ask for and I cannot recommend her and her book enough.
Jack, from England


The MARCH face of AIH Healing! Meet Handsome Mike from Canada who reversed his AIH with an alternative treatment…this after he beat DIABETES 2. He was doing pretty well, had a setback, found CURING COURTNEY…and now he refers back to it to support what he figured out on his own! Mike wasn’t always this good looking …I’ll post the before and after shots. You’ll be inspired to get to the gym!!! He’s my March Hero! Here’s his story and he sells organic products as well:
This was taken from an article published last week:
“What do you mean I may need a liver transplant? I asked that question six months ago to my hepatologist here in Vancouver after numerous tests and biopsy confirmed I had a rare autoimmune condition. AST/ ALT were 1800/3400!!! I had been doing great since my previous transformation from 2011-2012 which I shared in my previous blog post. Things had changed dramatically when I came back in March 2013 from my first trip back to Vancouver in over a decade.
So I toughed it out and the next few weeks of April 2013 I just stayed home and made a lot of healthy smoothies loaded with fruits, vegetables, and superfoods along with herbs milk thistle and turmeric.

I felt things were getting better but on the night of April 29, 2013 I had severe pain in the right side of my ribcage. I’ve always had a high threshold for pain and I was reminded of the time in 1997 I had a ruptured appendix for a couple of days and thought I was just constipated. This pain though was excruciating and I couldn’t stand it any longer so I had my wife take me to Anaheim Regional Medical Center. The admitting person at the ER took one look at me and told me I needed to be seen immediately. They took blood tests and the results for my liver enzymes were lower but still about 40 times above normal so I was admitted for further testing
Sadly my enzyme levels were above normal again close to the 1000 range and I was in the hospital for two whole weeks while doctors were trying to figure out what exactly was going on.
What put the most fear in me was that statement my GI doctor here told me about possibly needing a liver transplant and the fact that my liver was severely scarred. He recommended a protocol of corticosteroid therapy that in his words he described as potential side effects that were horrendous. To know that a prescribed therapy would cause me to be type 2 diabetic again, regain the weight I had lost, hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and osteoporosis I just didn’t want that at all. I refused his recommendation and told him I would do it the natural way through food, meditation, and healing protocol of nutritional supplements. He immediately told me that he was highly doubtful that would work and said that his option was the only option.

I asked him if his option would cure me of the autoimmune hepatitis. He said no and it was just a program that would dampen my immune system to the point where it could not attack my liver any further and prevent additional damage and possible cirrhosis and liver failure. I figured that if it wasn’t a cure then why subject myself physically, mentally, and emotionally to that. I said to myself I’ve conquered and reversed type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol so this was another higher mountain I would climb. I was steadfast in my belief that I would heal and reverse this condition that would sap my strength mentally, emotionally, and physically on a daily basis. I walked out of his clinic and said I would see him in April and show that I could make it better.
While all this was going on I had taken on a new career as independent representative for Ecoideas which is a company specializing in organic and sustainable food products and natural health supplements. I was still able to take on a few clients for my personal training and maintained social media clients and even added a couple. Those are the blessings that presented themselves to me all while this major upheaval was threatening to submerge me again.
Positivity and the Law of Attraction combined with always being a state of gratitude and surrounding myself with positive people contributed greatly to my well being and healing. I disengaged and let go of what didn’t serve me for my highest good. I listened to my gut intuition more and not be attracted to the same old patterns that brought me down in the first place. I switched to becoming a full vegan because I knew I had to heal my body internally and I felt it responding positively.
The end result was that my enzyme levels were dramatically reduced when July came along and complete validation last month from both my hepatologists in Canada and in the US. I had completely normalized and reversed the condition they felt was incurable and irreversible. The look of surprise, happiness, and confusion they had was something I did not gloat about. I just thanked them for all their support and care for my journey.
Then in January of 2014 I found Denise’s book CURING COURTNEY. ” It’s a blessing that I found it after doing research about my condition. I was inspired by the story you shared and I continued on this healing journey fearlessly.” Mike felt that adding LDN made a difference. ” I still used your book as a guideline reference and to compare my healing protocol.”
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His transformation from from overweight to healthy is amazing!

Mike reversed his AIH naturally!

Mike Reversed his AIH holistically! Surprised his doctors after they told him he might need a liver transplant. Read CURING COURTNEY and now refers to it to stay on track.

Mike from Canada, Reversed his AIH holistically...still uses CURING COURTNEY as a reference to compare his healing method.

Thanks to her mom, Kim, Little Alexa will have a healthy, drug-free life and has reversed her AIH !!!

I’m so proud of Kim and now 10-yr-old Alexa, I could cry:  Beautiful Alexa has been healing since 2012 on the ANTIOXIDANT PROTOCOL that helped Courtney! Thanks to her BRILLIANT Mom, Kim…little Alexa is PERFECT and off ALL MEDS! YOU GO GIRLS!!!  YOU DID IT!!!!! Here’s her story:
It all started 2 years ago (2012)when Alexa was 8 yrs old & involved in a minor car accident, she had no injuries but felt “weird” so I took her to the ER. After the trauma team looked her over with xrays, blood work etc I was informed that she needed to spend the night because her liver enzymes were elevated to 400/600. After about a month of weekly blood draws they sent her to a Dr at Childrens Hospital in Michigan where after more blood tests and a liver biopsy she was diagnosed with AIH Type 2. The Dr. told me NOT to go onto the internet and look up anything about this disease which of course I didn’t listen …….. After reading all the information on the web where it states that some people have to be on meds for the rest of their life and even possibly a liver transplant I was devastated, this is my baby girl and I wasn’t going to stand for that reality. My mother is big into taking supplements and for the most part the family “blows her off” because for the majority of our lives this was not how we were raised. I started searching on the internet for alternative ways to treat this disease and I did find things but was very reluctant to try and of them on my own…what did I know about this disease? Not a darn thing and I was raised to listen to the Drs, they know best. Alexa started her meds in January 2013, 50mg of Imuran and 30mg of Prednisone, after which I joined a few Facebook pages on AIH and met a lot of great people but people that have been on these meds for up to 20 years and they have so many health problems because of the side effects and I didn’t want that for my then 8 year old. It must have been around Mid 2012 when I first got in contact with Denise & found out how she helped her daughter get off these terrible drugs with supplements and diet changes. Just before that I took Alexa to a Holistic Dr and she put her on some vitamins/supplements to help combat some of these side effects. After talking with the Holistic Dr and Denise I bought all the supplements that are recommended in “Curing Courtney”, her book. Wow, just after a few months her numbers were dropping and dropping. She started weening off of Pred in Feb of 2014 but still stayed on Imuran 50mg. During that year we decided to move her to another Doctor in Michigan who were much more open to her taking the supplements and dietary changes. After she was completely off of the Pred her WBC started to fall to 2 (normal low is 4.5) . So the Dr’s took her off the Imuran but wanted to add her back on Prednisone, at which I totally disagreed, her liver enzymes were normal! I didn’t understand why they would need to do that.
The Dr’s have never taken anyone off of meds after only 1 ½ years, especially one with type 2. They felt that she need to be on meds at least until after she hit puberty and only after a liver biopsy…” because if she had a flare it “might” be a big one and we’d have to increase her Pred”.
Well I argued with them to try it for 2 weeks (Denise & I discussed the likelihood that the IMURAN was making her WBC go down to a dangerous level. And it might be making her liver levels go up because she was SO HEALTHY NOW!) So I decided to get labs and see what happens. TWO weeks went by…..& her liver levels went DOWN! Then another 2 weeks later….her liver levels went down again and WBC went UP. So I WAS RIGHT!!! One month later her liver levels kept going down, and WBC count went up. The same thing happened the next month. Labs beginning of Dec 2014 AST 29, ALT 29 WBC 3.5, (PERFECT BLOOD TEST) Alexa just went to the Dr on December 30th 2014 and even though her levels went up 54/35 because she had the stomach flu 2 weeks before that,… her WBC is now at 4.4. The Dr still considers those normal, we are to repeat labs again in a month, if all goes well those will start to be farther apart. I want to thank Denise for all of her help in getting this information out to as many people as she has. I have my beautiful, funny, loving baby girl back. WE LOVE YOU DENISE!!!

8-yr-old Alexa

8-yr-old Alexa

8-yr-old Alexa has REVERSED her AIH...and the doctors told her mom it couldn't be done!!!


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