“I very much appreciated what you did for your daughter. You exhibited survival behavior and sought to achieve your daughter’s potential to heal. You are an example for others to follow when confronted by adversity.”

- Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, co-author of A Book of Miracles with Deepak Chopra



“In this excellent book, Denise Otten describes how [she] learned about my work with ALA ….Courtney was weaned off the prednisone and….today she is a healthy and beautiful teenager.”

- from the introduction by Burt Berkson, MD, MS, PhD



“It’s a look into the heart and soul of a woman who would not take no for an answer when it came to saving her child’s life. This is a woman I am proud to call my friend.”

- from the preface by Lynn Doyle, Emmy Award-winning television anchor



“The empowering story of a mother’s courage in embracing holistic therapies when standard treatments offered no answers.”

- Ronald Hoffman, MD, author, Founder and Medical Director of the Hoffman Center in New York, host of Health Talk, nationally syndicated radio talk show



“Denise Gabay Otten’s dedication is a shining example of how a mother can use her love and her research skills to save her child’s life. Denise followed her heart—and her gut—and a healthy, happy Courtney is the result!”

- Julia Schopick, author of Honest Medicine


When I was 42 years old, I went to my primary doctor for a physical. I’d been noticing I was tired all the time, and I was still carrying an extra 20 pounds of “baby” weight. I had a hard time losing that last bit. When my blood work came back from my physical, my LFTs were in the 400-500 range – WAY out of normal range, but still not astronomical. My doctor initially thought it might be PBC, however he wanted me to go to a specialist (Gastroenterologist) for a more accurate diagnosis. I made an appointment with a GI doc who was referred to me by another doctor. He read my blood work, ordered even more tests, and concluded that I had AIH and AIC (autoimmune cholangitis). He immediately put me on 60 mg of prednisone. My LFTs dropped immediately and were within normal range in less than 2 months. He tapered my prednisone to about 10 mg a day and added 50 mg of azathioprine and 500 mg of ursodiol. My LFTs remained in the normal range (low teens) the entire first year while on the meds. After about 10 months, he tapered me off the prednisone completely. However, I really wanted off the azathioprine because I subsequently learned it was low-dose chemotherapy (POISON). And I couldn’t imagine staying on something like that forever. He refused to sign off on letting me go off the aza. So I started looking into alternative treatment. I had joined several online support groups for AIH on Facebook. It was there I learned about “Curing Courtney” and Denise. I bought the book on and read it in one day. I was terrified to try anything else. I’d gained SO much weight on prednisone, and I dreaded the thought of having to go back on it if the alternative therapy didn’t work. I knew I needed to find a medical doctor who was knowledgeable about my disease and could suggest the right supplements and monitor blood work. I found a local integrative medicine practice and decided to go ahead and try the supplement regimen they suggested. After a few months, my energy returned, my weight started dropping, and I felt better than I had in at least 10 years. I have been on this supplement regimen (which is very similar to the Curing Courtney regimen) and healthy eating plan for over a year now. My LFTs hover around 10. I stay away from gluten, processed foods, and too much sugar. I am so very happy to be off the “poison” and feeling like I have control over my body and my life again.

Angel - 40-yr-old mom REVERSED AIH naturally w/i 3 MONTHS!

In March I had toxic Hepatitis due to a reaction from antibiotics. The toxic Hepatitis went into Autoimmune Hepatitis. I was severely jaundiced. My liver levels were sky high. When I first came down with Hepatitis and they were not sure what the cause was, I found your book, CURING COURTNEY while searching the web. I ordered the book and read it in one day. I began following your healing protocol. I saw a local iridologist who had me do a juice cleansing and started additional herbs. I was referred to a naturopath doctor who started foot detoxes. I did 3 per week, and started taking Burdock Root and Black Root in addition to the other herbs/supplements. My levels started going down. I was seeing a local specialist to get blood levels checked. They referred me to specialist at the local University . I could not get in until June. My levels had consistently lowered since March (except for one time). My June blood work showed the levels were coming on down. My original doctor told me it would probably be a year before they would level out and before I would go into remission. In July I had my next blood work. Guess what? My levels were all normal. I was in remission. I started weaning off of the steroids at the beginning of August. My next doctor appointment was in October. All levels are in normal range. I told the doctor I was following a holistic approach. I am so thankful that I found your book!!! You made a difference in my life!!

Angela from Kentucky!

This NY Teenager REVERSED her AIH with the Antioxidant Protocol and diet…but not completely.  (Both Mom and daughter prefer to remain anonymous, so I posted a picture of Courtney and me) Let’s be Frank…not everyone reverses their AIH perfectly and quickly.  Some take longer than others and this young girl reversed it by 70-90%. Here’s her story written by her mother…

“I wouldn’t say that my daughter is cured or healed of her autoimmune hepatitis. She is still on a journey toward health. I would, however, say that my daughter and our family are much wiser and educated about her disease and much more sure of the path she (we) have chosen to heal her. When my then 14-year-old daughter was first diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis nearly three years ago, after months of headaches and fatigue, we ran to the best specialists we knew sure that they could provide us with the answers. What we didn’t realize is that their pathway to health was not good enough. It was a life of immunosuppressants and steroids. The steroids caused all kinds of side effects including mood swings, irritability, weight gain and brain fogginess. The immunosuppressants, by their very nature of suppressing the immune system, open the door to countless other terrible illnesses and diseases.

We didn’t blindly follow the doctors, sure they knew the answers, but we did try it their way – for a while anyway. Then we learned that there is a whole population out there suffering from autoimmune hepatitis who have found a different road to health – one that requires less strong medications and more life style changes supported by supplements and vitamins.

My husband and I researched auto immune hepatitis. We had the good fortune of finding Dr. Burt Berkson and his Integrative Medical Center in New Mexico and read about his success treating liver disease with Alpha Lipoic Acid. We were lucky enough to find Denise Otten and her book Curing Courtney in which Denise details the protocol that lead to her daughter’s good health. We found Susan Blum, MD, MPH, author of The Immune System Recovery Plan and read about her roadmap to recovery. We devoured Lee Holmes book Super Foods   Eat Your Way To Good Health. These individuals guided us. Most importantly, we learned, through them, not be afraid to challenge the medical community, its diagnosis and treatment. When we asked one very prominent, arrogant doctor early on whether diet had anything to do with our daughter’s illness, he responded curtly “Diet has nothing to do with it.” Fortunately, we’ve learned that diet has everything to do with disease – and even more to do with a cure. For us, diet, vitamins, supplements and life style changes have gotten my daughter closer to normal blood test results and good health. We are not there yet, but we can finally see the light.

We are eternally grateful to Denise Otten and all of those individuals who have unselfishly offered us their help and guidance along the way. I am sure if you looked closely, you could see their angel wings.”

Mom from NY, and her Teenager

My beautiful daughter Melanie was diagnosed with AIH #2 when she was 3 1/2 years old. Of course, I was in denial then but when her liver enzymes went up and stayed up at 6 years old, I knew I had to act fast. I refused to accept that my baby had an incurable disease and no other recourse but to take prescription meds. Buying Denise’s book was the best decision I ever made. She empowered me and solidified my conviction that there is a natural approach. Who knew that her triple antioxidant approach and change in diet would slow and stop my daughter’s disease from progressing. In less than one year, my daughter’s liver levels are normal. Thank you, Denise. You helped. Let’s spread the word not to despair. Be brave. Never, never, never give up!
Monica, mother of now 7-yr-old Melanie from N.Y.


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