17-yr-old Justin...is OFF the LIVER TRANSPLANT LIST! Doctors are confused how his mother did it!!! - Curing Courtney

January 2, 2017by Denise Otten0

17-yr-old JUSTIN is OFF the **Liver Transplant List!** How? The CURING COURTNEY protocol & diet, plus his Tenacious mom, April, never gave up.
This story will blow you away! Justin was 14 and put on the liver transplant list by an M.D. who never heard of Alpha Lipoic or Dr. Berkson. AND…Because his mom WOULD NOT give Justin a LIVER TRANSPLANT, the doctor FIRED April. She continued the protocol and NOW Justin is 17-yrs-old; 6’6″ tall; on the Varsity Baseball team; has a part time job and doing great in school! THIS ALTERNATIVE REMEDY WORKS! April’s NEW DOC can’t believe it. But April knows better…her 3 years of hard work paid off! Here’s the long journey of “Justin’s Triumph!”…
At 14 years old our youngest son, Justin, was admitted to the hospital at 12:30 pm March 3, 2014 with a possible appendix. Later that day after a CT scan, we were told that he had Cirrhosis of the liver and was in COMPLETE LIVER FAILURE and in need of a transplant!
I can’t tell you the feelings that went through me, all I remember is that my husband had to hold me up because I almost passed out from the news. The hospital immediately transported me to a large Children’s hospital in Texas.
Justin was an extremely healthy child, with the exception of an occasional flu or strep. Yet after the biopsy on March 5th it was confirmed that he had severe cirhossis, AIH, Portal vein hypertension & Celiac disease.
The most devastating news to Justin was that he could no longer be a “normal” teenager. The doctor told him he couldn’t play football or basketball because they are contact sports. And no more riding roller-coasters! He was given six different medications morning, afternoon and night! Life changed instantly and the constant knowledge that he can go into complete liver failure at any time was extremely un-nerving! As his mom, I sat by his side 24/7, trying to be the strength and cheerleader that everything was going to be just fine. All the while I would cry while he slept and I started to memorize every single detail of him (worried that I would have to bury my son, ripped my heart and soul into pieces)
Weeks later, I found the book Curing Courtney while I was up one night sitting by Justin’s hospital bed, and I started wondering and researching the possibilities of holistic protocols for AIH and Celiac’s. Within a week I purchased Denise Otten’s book, Curing Courtney. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I studied and studied non-stop, it became my second bible! I contacted Denise and told her how much I loved and appreciated that she had written this book and the process in which she saved her own daughter, it was empowering and gave me hope finally that I would not watch Justin die., I might be able to do something to save him too.
I called Denise for help and started Justin on the protocol ASAP! From March-August 2014, I kept Justin on the vitamins and the meds because I was scared to stop them because I didn’t want his doctors to get angry and possibly drop him as their patient. So I followed their rules, but added the vitamins and diet.
After 6 months of going back and forth to the hospital and taking all the meds that were getting Justin sicker and sicker by the day, we were both tired and he wasn’t getting any better. Then in September 2014, Justin was admitted to the hospital again but this time with pancreatitis, which I truly believe was due to all the pharmaceuticals he was ingesting.
But that doctor put even more pressure on me and said “if I didn’t have Justin ONLY take the meds and have the liver transplant …and stop taking the vitamins, they would no longer be Justin’s doctor.” I told him that this was a big decision and I had to think about this. Without warning, within a week, they FIRED US and STOPPED FILLING JUSTIN’S PRESCRIPTIONS!
I was livid that a doctor would talk to us that way. i said to myself at that moment, GOD made my choice for me! I stood up as Justin’s mom and full faith in Lord Almighty that “He” had shown me the way to cure Justin. (Whether you believe in God or not, this was my sign from the man above.) I had to make the biggest leap of faith for Justin’s life, and I told those doctors I am his mother and this is what we will be doing from now on, no more pharmaceuticals ONLY this holistic protocol. I found new doctors THAT WEEK who were kind and loving but indifferent about my decision! Yet they were respectful of my choices. While they could not help me with the proper doses of the vitamins, that’s what I had Denise for … balancing the correct vitamins and foods for my son. So as of September 2015, Justin was off all pharmaceuticals and ONLY on the holistic protocol. He was off all wheat and gluten.
Then we found out that in January 2015 Justin will be admitted to the hospital again for another liver biopsy, this scared him to death. I must admit it scared me as well! They also did another upper and lower GI. They found that the Celiac’s is in check, thanks to the gluten free diet and that the liver hasn’t had any more damage, THANKS TO HOLISTIC PROTOCOL I SAID! The doctor’s stated whatever you are doing keep doing, because it is working and what we were doing was not.
Justin became ill with an infection and started to run 104 fever so off to the hospital we went again, nearly one year to the day when this all began. Justin wsa in extreme pain in the liver area and all I wanted to do was take away his pain.
After more nights in the hospital, the doctors told me that he should go back on the meds. I said NO! They made him very sick. But I agreed to an IV of antibiotics as it turned out to be extreme strep. The strep caused the AST/ALT to rise and hence the pain in the liver area. I didn’t want the antibiotics but he needed it badly. Later on I knew we had to give him more vitamins, but not until we were out of the hospital.
Happy New Year January 2016!! Justin is doing amazing on his holistic protocol, the doctors’ state that his numbers are looking better than ever!!! This makes us so thankful as the doctors agreed to keep him on the protocol as the medications they were giving were making him so much worse.
Justin is a Senior now and will graduate making A & B’s and is in all honors classes. Even with his hospital visits these past 2 years, he stayed on the school’s baseball team and now he’s on the VARSITY team. He’s their first baseman and in right field, at six feet six inches, Justin has a reach like no other…and he has an arm like a cannon! He also is now working part-time and having the most amazing social life being a “normal” teenager!
November 2016 and Justin’s numbers are so great now that Transplant is not even being discussed anymore! The Head of the Transplant team stated “there is no need to even bother with a three-day evaluation for a transplant.” Justin is doing so well that he wouldn’t even qualify to be put on list. His doctors don’t understand exactly how the holistic protocol is working but it is.
All along this journey one of Justin’s doctors kept asking me; where and how did I find this protocol and I told them proudly Denise Gabay Otten’s book Curing Courtney. Our doctor purchase the book! This might just be a HUGE step in the actual medical field learning that holistic protocols work! Justin and the protocol has been discussed with Gastroenterologists from all over the United States per conference calls with Justin’s doctor.
We deeply believe in the POWER of prayer and wish everyone who reads this says a pray for all the children living with AIH to heal with this holistic protocol!! We also know the power of prayer warriors so we ask for every disciple of Christ to say prayers and ask other believers to join in the pray warrior chain!! We would like to say Thank you Denise for writing her daughter’s story and for helping other families through such a heart wrenching time.
And thanks to our family and friends and people we do not know, who have sent prayers, love and support. It is so encouraging.
Justin’s work is not done here and he has a long life to live. Look at him now doing everything the doctor’s in 2014 said would never happen!
April is truly a Warrior mom and another sweet Southern Belle that I’m honored to call my friend! Congrats to the whole Boyd-Gray family!
but those all come to a head as he grew into manhood and balanced his body. This is a journey that no one ask for but it is the one we have been given, and I say even through the crying and freaking out moments alone in my room, I had a peace from our Father in Heaven that Justin’s work was not done here and that he had a long life to live and put in mark on this world. And look at him now doing everything the doctor’s in 2014 said would never happen!