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May 19, 20160

by Denise Otten

Hayley is a beautiful artist and at 22-years-old is a very strong & determined young woman. When we first spoke, she and her mom weren’t sure that the CURING COURTNEY protocol would work. But as she followed the doctors orders, the meds put her into a slow spiral downwards. Finally she told her parents that she wanted to try something different. “Let’s hire Denise and see if the vitamins will work.” I was so happy she called me back. I knew I could help her particular situation with the right diet and vitamins. Months later…she’s off ALL MEDS! She’s happy, healthy and feeling better than she has in years. I’m so proud that she decided to follow her intuition and try a different way of healing. Here’s her story…. A year ago I was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease that had potential to lead me to liver failure. Tooooday I’m virtually symptom free following an anti inflammatory diet, vitamin routine and hot yoga, I no longer take terrible meds that they said I would be on for the rest of my life. Thanks to my momma, Denise Gabay Otten and Penn Medical… Curing chronic disease naturally is real y’all!

April 1, 20160

by Denise Otten

HudsonNMason This is the story that will change will hopefully change the way you think about eating, vaccinating and taking lots of meds to reverse disease. Meet my new love…This is 4-year-old HUDSON & he’s AIH FREE! At his worst, his liver levels were at 5000! Yes, many AI cases are caused by vaccines at birth, in utero, or as adults. But, with the science of an Autoimmune diet, vitamins & patience, Hudson is healthy and drug free! His mom, Kiely found me last year when his prognosis was dire. Here’s Kiely’s story… Every parent’s worst nightmare came true for us in December of 2014 when our two and a half year old son Hudson started complaining of belly pain he also had darker than normal urine. So we called the pediatrician’s office and gave them his symptoms and they didn’t seem too concerned until a few days later I noticed the whites of his eyes looked yellow to me so I rushed him to the doctor and they took a urine sample and did some blood work and told us that he had high levels of bilirubin in his urine and they would let us know what the blood work said. But 4 days later we got a call from the pediatrician telling us that Hudson’s liver enzymes were in the thousands and that he was going to be admitted to a hospital in Northern CA. Once we got there they ran dozens of tests & he had blood drawn every morning. All of the tests were coming back negative and they told us that he’d need a liver biopsy because he was in acute liver failure. He spent 6 days at this “Memorial hospital” but his liver enzymes sky-rocketed to the 5000 range and they were uncomfortable doing the biopsy. The then transferred him to a famous Children’s Hospital in Northern, CA. When we arrived and they took even more tests, then did a liver biopsy. While Hudson was in recovery, two of the liver team doctors came in and told us that he would most likely be listed for a liver transplant the next day if things didn’t start getting better. Then they had my husband and I watch a video of how to care for someone that’s had an organ transplant. We also had a hematoligists come in and tell us his blood cells looked abnormal and asked if we had any history of leukemia in our family! Talk about my absolute biggest fear! During the next twenty-four hours we prayed over him and had hundreds of of people all over praying for our baby. We literally lived our days in the hospital focused on AST, ALT, INR and ammonia levels… things most parents have never even heard of. The next morning one of the liver transplant doctors came in and told the other doctors to try to give him some different medications. One of the drugs was prednisone. That’s when his liver enzymes to drop. And less than 24 hours after we were told he was going to be listed for a liver transplant and 6 stressful days of waiting…we were told he had AIH and we went home the next day. We were ecstatic. It was Dec 23rd and an absolute blessing and miracle! We were sent home with a slew of medications, with him at 30mg of prednisone and a taper calendar to have him off prednisone by Feb. But as the steroid tapering got to 10 mg, his ast/alt numbers shot up to the thousands again. Hudson was having horrible side effects, angry outbursts,.. his sweet face got round and chubby and he was growing hair all over. After an appt with his GI Dr. In Feb we were told that since the steroids were no longer working, we would need to go to a stronger medication they use for chemo patients called Imuran. Then in his next breath the Dr. said it’s been known to cause blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma and its a medication he would be on for life. I asked him if there are any other options. He said no. I took the information and said “my husband and I would discuss it.” I left the office in tears with Hudson in my arms and prayed to God the whole way home for a miracle for healing of my sweet baby. I got home and immediately started researching alternative treatment for AIH and that’s where I came across “Curing Courtney” I began feeling hopeful reading all of the testimonies of others people who Denise had helped. I went to Facebook and sent Denise a PM with Hudson’s story and to my surprise got a quick response from her. I bought her book and read it in a few hours. I immediately felt a sense of peace and hopefulness. My husband and I decided to hire Denise to be Hudson’s Holistic Health Counselor. She was so amazing answering my hundreds of questions and walking me through the protocol. We decided to hold off on the cancer causing drug and immediately started the new diet and cut out all wheat and dairy. Hudson’s next labs started trending down. Once we got all the vitamins we continued to see labs dropping. Our next appt with his GI Dr and a liver Dr. from the Best Hospital in Northern California, we asked if the new change in his diet and vitamins would help and they said no but it wouldn’t hurt so we decided to try it along with the prednisone. After what felt like forever …a year later our boy is off all steroids and his liver numbers are normal!!! Praise Jesus! We are beyond grateful for Denise and what she has done for our son there are no words to thank someone enough for saving your babies life. Denise you are a true angel on earth and an answer to our prayers and we will be forever thankful for you. Your love for others shines through all you do and I pray you will be greatly blessed.xoxo You’re very welcome Kiely Allen . Not only am I in love with this adorable little boy, but I’m so impressed with his mother’s research and tenacity. Kiely is as intelligent as she is beautiful. We need to give a lot of credit to the mothers, fathers and adults who sift through the research, apply the principles and hang in there while the body takes it’s own time to heal. Even when the naysayers question our intelligence….and they continue to do so…we must persevere! A hat tip to Kiely and a salute to her Military husband, Jared. He’s taking care of our Country! Curing Courtney’s photo. Curing Courtney’s photo.

March 7, 20160

by Denise Otten

KarenandFrank Karen BEAT AIH, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and LOWERED her BP. And, she lost weight too!!! All this with the CURING COURTNEY protocol. This tough but funny East Coast woman was on 5 prescription pills when I met her. Now she’s only on ONE for Blood Pressure (of course.) She was skeptical at first …but her hubby Frank supported her and helped her stick to the diet. Here’s her story: My troubles began June 2015. I began to have joint pain like I never experienced before. My whole body was in pain every day. I was taking aspirin or ibuprofen constantly. Nothing was working. I called my family physician but I also contacted my GYN because 2 weeks prior to all this I had a D&C and I wanted to ask her if any of what I was experiencing could be from the procedure. She told me no. On the July 4th weekend, my doctor ordered blood work. Then just as my husband and granddaughter and I drove to the Jersey shore, my doctor’s office called to tell me the doctor wants me to go to the hospital immediately, because I have hepatitis of some kind. My AST was 260 and ALT was 511. Now I know this means liver. I said what? I feel fine (in my head I know my joints are killing me but I’m saying I feel fine because I’m thinking I should have some other symptom if my liver is in trouble) You see, my brother passed away a year prior (2014) from liver failure so I have seen liver disease. The Doc told me “if you turn yellow get to the hospital ASAP, come in on Monday if not.” So on Monday, he ordered more labs and my AST was 235 and ALT was 490. The doctor insisted that I see a Gastroenterologist the next day. Fine! He then tells me he thinks it’s AIH. He said I’ll have to take prednisone short term, and Imuran possibly for life. Possibly a liver transplant. The pain was getting so intense. Some days I had to wrap my wrists to keep them from moving as movement caused more pain. (my work involves typing on the computer). I could not open any bottles at all! I had to ask my husband or sons. I was feeling helpless! I’m a woman who does it all herself. Having to ask them to open a bottle was making me feel useless. Trying to play on the floor with my granddaughter was so hard because it killed to try and push off the floor with pain in the wrists, fingers, arms and muscle weakness. At night, trying to take off my bra, the movement of putting arms behind back to unhook, oh Lord, I just could not do it, crying out in pain to have my husband or granddaughter help me. Even pulling up a sheet would make me moan out in pain to try and pull it up. I began researching AIH like crazy on the internet and I came across Denise’s book “Curing Courtney.” I downloaded it from Amazon and read it in a few hours. I cried along with Denise while reading her book. I timidly wrote her an email on 7/28. Really not expecting a reply, but checking my email to see and there was one. It was much more then a reply, she was so informative telling me what needs to be done to reverse this and also backing up what she said with links to sites proving this would work. She explained that since writing her book she is now a Holistic Health Coach and I could hire her and she would stay with me until I’m well. In early August I hired Denise and began taking the vitamins she recommended. My husband and I had a Skype meeting where she answered all of our questions and was there for us the entire time. I refused to take any of the drugs that the docs wanted (no prednisone or Imuran). I followed Denise’s plan exactly, no wheat, no dairy and organic. Taking the many vitamins and adjusting when blood work came back. When I told my family doctor that I was following a holistic approach he smiled and said, “It’s your life, but there is no statistics on any of this.” “It’s always a friend of a friend who had this or that.” “It may not even be the same thing you have.” I just listened and didn’t say a word. I refused the liver biopsy that my gastro doc ordered and when I told my gastro doc that I was following a holistic approach he said, “On the one hand I want to see how this plays out and on the other hand I feel like I’m being used to get blood work scripts”. “You pay her, right?”, “So why can’t she order blood work?” (My reply, she is not a doctor). He said, “I’m not going to be responsible if this goes differently”. I told him this is my decision. I left his office crying. My husband talked to Denise and she emailed me coaching me through all the tough times. My numbers continued to drop getting me closer and closer to normal. My joint pain continued to decrease each month. By the end of October I was without joint pain. Feeling better than I had in years. I went to see the gastro back in December believing this was going to be my last visit to him after last time. He came in and said “Wow! What are you doing?” I was so shocked by his amazement. My numbers dropped to AST 62 and ALT 74. He even gave me a hug when I left. Like most Americans, I was led to believe there was no other way to heal than what the doctor told you. To question modern medicine was against the norm. I can personally tell you now that there are other ways to heal yourself and with Denise’s guidance the results are proven! My husband pushed me as much as Denise did. He follows the diet with me. He has been my rock! I couldn’t have done it without him! He has suffered with cluster headaches for over 20 years, while following this new lifestyle he doesn’t even feel a twinge (shadow) of the headaches coming on at all. I really hope he’s had his last one following this lifestyle. Wasn’t sure if we were going to take a winter vacation this year, but in January we decided to go on our 1st cruise with Disney, booked for February. I went and had my blood work done a few days prior to leaving. The email from the labs came in the day we were leaving and what a celebration this trip became, AST 30 and ALT 30. NORMAL LIVER! I quickly wrote Denise telling her the great news, and we cheered together. I feel blessed, appreciative, grateful and so very thankful to you Denise for all you have done. You have given me back my life! You know what you are doing! Whoever reads this, just contact her, she will lead you on to a new lifestyle for sure, but in the end it’s so worth it! She is the best teacher, coach, mentor and my angel friend. Thank you Frank, my husband and best friend, for putting up with my crap and pushing me through always finding the positive and getting me to believe that this would work when I was doubtful. Tyler, James and Autumn thank you for all your help when I couldn’t do things myself. I even have my 5 year old granddaughter asking while food shopping, “mom-mom does this have wheat?”. Gotta start them young! Me and my pirate crew have seized my life back! xo*hugs, kisses and fist pump* to you Denise AND A JERSEY FIST PUMP BACK AT YA, my sweet Karen!xoxo