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February 13, 20170

by Denise Otten

Joanne, 29-year-old mom is AIH AND MED FREE! And her doctors in England can’t believe it! AUTOIMMUNE HEPATITIS IS WORLDWIDE! But my beautiful British friend & mom of an adorable boy was determined to live a HEALTHY AND LONG life for her son and her family! I’m so proud of her because she only met me via SKYPE and didn’t have ANY support in her native country…like so many others. Now she’s healthy, OFF THOSE DREADED MEDS and Happy, happy, happy! Please read her testimony…:
Well where do I start …. in January 2014 I had a beautiful baby boy and life was good. I had general stresses of life as a new first mummy but nothing major. October 2014 I went back to work 4 full days a week and was absolutely exhausted running a household a new teething baby and my very intense job was taking it’s toll and I had no time for me or my body. After Christmas 2014 I was getting more used to my new role as working mum but I still just didn’t feel right but too busy to go to the doctors so I just soldiered on
Then in March 2015 I was so so itchy I really couldn’t cope so I googled it. One of the questions was, are your eyes or skin yellow? I looked in the mirror and to my horror, they were!
My skin was actually really yellow how had I not noticed!

I got to the doctors office that week and he called the same day at 3pm and told me to get to the Emergency room immediately as my liver results were off the scale – 700 & 800 normally 40-60. That 40 minute drive to the hospital was quite possibly the worst 40 minutes of my life! not knowing what was wrong with me. From the urgency in the doctors voice I could only think the worst. I arrived and after 6 hr wait, they took more bloods asked all the usual questions regarding drinking alcohol etc they just couldn’t understand why my results were so high, they thought it was possibly a gallstone but further investigation was needed and I needed to stay in. Once again a scary thought as I’d not been to the doctors for over ten years other than having my baby.

After an horrendous & nerve racking two weeks in hospital and numerous tests, MRI’s & biopsies I was diagnosed with Auto Immune Hepatitis. AIH was something I’d never heard of and certainly didn’t want so whilst still in hospital I set about investigating it and finding a natural way to try and cure it. Whilst doing this I did exactly what the doctors told me to. I took steroids and an immune suppressant. But the thought of taking a pill to suppress the only thing that keeps you alive seemed ludicrous to me so I continued on my search. The Prednisone and Imuran horrendous. I felt awful.

I went straight back to work refusing to let this beat me but every lunch time and every evening when my baby was asleep I’d research and research I found lots about juices and so on which i started to include whilst still taking my meds after 12 weeks the combined steroid/suppressant worked and doctors weaned me off prednisone but continued taking AZA. After 4 weeks on only Imuran, my liver enzymes went back up and they put me back on prednisone! I was devastated. Then I found Denise’s book. That day life literally changed over night for the better.

I read the book within a few days and after learning she was based in New Jersey America I didn’t think there was much that could be done however I sent her an email.

I woke up the next day to a response that was September 2015. A response full of positivism and that she could help regardless of living on opposite sides of the world that it would be a long but fulling journey and she wasn’t wrong!

I started the diet & supplements immediately the diet was really hard at first as it was so so different from what I’d normally eat but within a full week of strictly sticking to it and taking my supplements there was an improvement! I couldn’t have been happier, it was the motivation I needed to continue. Not only did my results change, I changed I truly felt amazing I was eating nourishing foods my body needed rather empty food of no benefit by December 2015 I reduced my meds to the lowest dose of hospital medication and was still receiving the best blood results. Not only that, but I’d lost weight, looked and felt great! I had so much energy.

Mid January 2016 i stopped taking my hospital meds completely and continued with good result however march 2016 they started to climb again nothing like what they were but still just over normal spoke with Denise she got me back on track and increase my vitamins and supplements by the end of August 2016 I’d had a good few weeks of perfect results so I started to reduce my supplements back down to normal levels since then each week has just been an improvement with today’s results Jan 2017 being the best I’ve ever had 12 months since stopping my meds.

I’m absolutely over the moon and couldn’t recommend Denise and her method more. Not only am I now fit and healthy, but I know exactly what to feed my little boy & partner to nourish him and help him grow and live a long and happy life. The learning journey I have been on has been truly amazing and I’m so happy to be in control of my body. It’s taken a long time but I knew I’d always get there.

I’ve learned to chill out and not take things so seriously, make time for me, nourish myself and my family & live love and enjoy every moment I’ve been given. It could’ve been so different 12 months ago and I owe this all to Denise xxxx

All my SKYPE patients are determined and try their best to stick to the program. You only need guidance and a will to live! Joanne’s love for her family obviously gave her the motivation to heal. Congrats Joanne, you rock “little sister!”
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July 1, 20160

by Denise Otten

Meet 29 yr old Christina Kohl She’s AIH FREE! First time in 2 years!!! She’s from Germany and she followed the CURING COURTNEY protocol with the help of an N.D. in South Bavaria. Yes, everyone told her she was crazy to not take meds (including the Liver Specialist)…but she found an Holistic doc & some friends who believe in alternative methods..and now she’s HEALTHY HAPPY AND OFF MEDS FOREVER!!! I’m sooo proud of her! Go Girl!!! Here’s her story …:
At 27-years old I’d just completed my BA in Business while working and finally landing my dream job.
I was professionally successful and building a social life with sports, friends and other activities. And I was in a solid relationship…everything seemed perfect.
Then in August 2014 during a routine check-up the doctor discovered my liver enzymes were AST80/ALT157.
I was then diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis because the SLA antibodies were present. Their only treatment was High doses of cortisone.
So I got a second opinion. I met with a liver specialist in Munich who quoted the “newest statistics” from the 1980’s! He informed me that according to these statistics, 70% of patients who didn’t use medication with a “hepatitis” were no longer alive after 10 years! He scared me to death! But that’s what the doctors do to justify their treatment methods. Because they don’t know better.
Then they gave me a very painful liver biopsy WITHOUT anesthesia. Even though the AIH wasn’t confirmed, the doctors still insisted on cortisone treatment.
I could not and would not accept a permanent treatment of cortisone and the side effects. So the investigation marathon began on the internet. Then in January 2015, I found the book CURING COURTNEY. The 1st and only literature I could find for autoimmune hepatitis and alternative treatments.
I contacted Denise via Facebook and within 20 minutes I received a reply. That was the turning point! I remember sitting there, crying and full of new hope. Her message was: Girl, you can do it. If I healed my daughter in a much more advanced stage of the disease, then you can do it too!

And our work together began….all over Facebook messenger. She recommended the diet and vitamins and to change and improve my lifestyle. Also the books Denise recommended changed my way of thinking about nutrition..”.WHEAT BELLY,” “THE ALPHA LIPOIC BREAKTHROUGH,” “THE AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTION.” I also had to find an alternative practitioner who would work with this protocol and take blood.
After 2 weeks of changing my diet to the Paleo diet and finding which foods were good and bad for me…my liver levels fell to AST 44/ALT 75…and leveled off more and more in the following months.
And of course, I fired the liver specialist who still insisted that I go on the cortisone treatment.
I prepared all the vitamins, with the help of Denise, as this protocol isn’t common in Germany and I had to virtually teach the holistic doctor. But she was very open minded because in Germany ALPHA LIPOIC is approved as a drug for diabetes.
In January 2016, I met a new man who I can really be ME with and who shares my passions and plans for life. And within 12 days of meeting this man, I decided to separate from my former partner. THEN ONE WEEK LATER….with my new relationship and new life…my liver levels were within normal range!!!!
Finally, I can’t say exactly what led to my great health. As Denise says, I think it’s always a combination of diet, lifestyle (happiness) and vitamins.
I’m very grateful that Denise came into my life at the right moment and that she pointed me in the right direction.
I’m also grateful that this disease tested my internal strength. My stubbornness and tenacity kept me strong against the fear machinery of conventional medicine. There were many times that I cried and was about to take the cortisone. Also, like many others…I had to stand up to my anxious family and friends who repeatedly advised me to “trust the conventional doctors. But the struggle was worth it.
So my message is to others with AIH and other AI diseases:
Conventional medicine is not the only way. You have to find the right pieces of the puzzle and put them together. It’s your responsibility to take care of your own health. So keep questioning and and keep an open mind.
….don’t you just love this Bavarian Beauty! Smart, lovely , happy and healthy!
You Go Girl!!! Big American Hugs!!!


June 1, 20160

by Denise Otten

17-yr-old “MATT” from PA has REVERSED his AIH…and he’s not in and out of the hospital anymore. He’s off his AIH meds, and while he’s still on Asacol …he’s weaning off that now. He’s healthy, strong and building muscle. BUT 3 years ago his liver levels were at 1600 and the doctors at the prestigious CHOP said “it doesn’t matter what he eats, he just needs to keep up with the meds…pred and AZA.” (this is a quote!). His parents worked very hard at keeping him on the strict diet …but teenage boys can be hard to control. Now his parents are so happy they just had to share their success story. We are confident that he will wean successfully off Asacol…that’s a small task compared to the last 3 years in and out of the hospital and the misdiagnoses. Thank god for his intuitive and brilliant parents! I’m SO PROUD of this Mom & Dad who ALWAYS ASKED WHY! (They would prefer anonymity.)
Here’s Dad’s story:…
Three years ago, our son “Matthew” was feeling ill and he looked jaundiced. We brought him to the hospital and his liver enzymes were off the charts at 1600+. After 3 days, he was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. This rocked our world, because we have been fortunate to have a healthy family.
The prescription meds started with Prednisone and he seemed to respond well to the medication. We then followed the doctors prescription of weaning off Pred and moving to Azathioprine(Aza). All seemed well until he began to have stomach cramping. These stomachaches made him eat less and he lost so much weight that we were concerned about his development. Also, he easily picked up the flu and other stomach illnesses as his immune system was suppressed. The entire time his numbers still remained high while on the drug AZA. I felt horrible for him, and was determined to find another option to improve his health.
I found the book, CURING COURTNEY, and this put us on a path to look at this disease differently than the medical field currently does. We then hired Dr. Doug Willen in NYC as well as Denise Otten as our Holistic Health Counselor. We followed the protocol and began to see positive results. My son remained on AZA during the entire protocol and his AST & ALT numbers were better and better. After his numbers were perfct for 2 months, we made the decision on wean him off AZA. It was a great moment for him, and his health has continued to improve. I can tell you this protocol healed my son from AIH, and I am eternally grateful that Denise Otten is championing this cause. So many others can and should be helped with this healthy healing option.
Currently, he has maintained a relatively normal life. We recently found out that he has Crohn’s, but that seems to be in check at this point with some dietary changes. Crohn’s runs in our family, so it is interesting to follow this further to see how the 2 issues may be interconnected. In closing, we are thrilled to have the AIH in complete remission, and we are so grateful he can enjoy a normal life. I’m confident this protocol will work for others!
“Matthew’s Dad”


May 19, 20160

by Denise Otten

Hayley is a beautiful artist and at 22-years-old is a very strong & determined young woman. When we first spoke, she and her mom weren’t sure that the CURING COURTNEY protocol would work. But as she followed the doctors orders, the meds put her into a slow spiral downwards. Finally she told her parents that she wanted to try something different. “Let’s hire Denise and see if the vitamins will work.” I was so happy she called me back. I knew I could help her particular situation with the right diet and vitamins.
Months later…she’s off ALL MEDS! She’s happy, healthy and feeling better than she has in years. I’m so proud that she decided to follow her intuition and try a different way of healing.
Here’s her story….

A year ago I was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease that had potential to lead me to liver failure. Tooooday I’m virtually symptom free following an anti inflammatory diet, vitamin routine and hot yoga, I no longer take terrible meds that they said I would be on for the rest of my life. Thanks to my momma, Denise Gabay Otten and Penn Medical… Curing chronic disease naturally is real y’all!